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My name is Samuel Adler, a Web Entrepreneur from United States of America USA. I and my partner Shane Quaashie run this home improvement-based site. We, TheHomeImpro.com are extremely happy and overwhelmed to serve you through our review blog.

Who we are

We are a Researcher Team who has lots of experience on home improvement. We are devoted to serve thousands of info-hungry people who are curios to get their home improvement effectively. As an endeavor of our service to the people, this Product Review blog is one of our humble tries.

The Motive of TheHomeImpro.com

The main motive of TheHomeImpro.com is to help millions of people around the world to get all essential information and resource about the home improvement tips & tricks, and the products related to it. Besides, this we will help them take the right decision on buying. Most of our blog posts present valuable information and review about the top-class products, their uses, buying guide and many more. However, every single blog post or product review we publish is backed and packed up with useful authentic information for the readers of our blog that creates much value.

We Are on a Mission

Our sole purpose at The Home Impro is to help readers and improve their homes and lives. We take care of the buyer persona and choices at the top and suggest you the products that can create value at your surrounding environment. It will eventually take care of your heart and life.

In respect to the above, we regularly partner with companies that share that same vision.

From an enhancement standpoint, we would like you to let us know your valuable suggestions, tips and advises to improve our blogs. If you really care about your home, feel free to email us through our Contact Us Page.

May your info-hunger be quenched!!

Meet The Partners In Improvement

Samuel Adler

Samuel Adler

Lead strategic Consultant and writer

Samuel Adler is a 30-year-old executive who always enjoys creating something new and play around the central home improvement. He is a creative writer, a reader, and a full-time learner, but he just doesn’t like to eat so much. He is intelligent, optimistic, and loves the concept of a happy and stable home. He grew up in a middle-class neighborhood and feels comfortable to speak his words through his writing. Being a part of The Home Impro, Samuel Adler found the platform to fully utilize his passion for creating something new.

Shane Quaashie

Shane Quaashie

lead associate writer

Shane Quaashie is a 30-year-old technician who loves to introduce himself as a nerd for electronics and mechanics. He grew up in a middle-class neighborhood and loves to travel around the country. He is a passionate writer, a creative geek, but can also be a bit untidy and impatient. He always finds creative ways to improve the inner beauty of his house. Being a part of The Home Impro, Shane Quasshie found the platform to write about his love for electronics and mechanics.