Best Ceiling Fan For Sunroom: Why It’s Better To Have It

Having a sunroom at your house is already a blessing. You get plenty of natural light all day long. The problem occurs when there is a lot of heat in the sunroom and you cannot sit around comfortably to enjoy your leisure time and read books as you wanted to. In such cases, a ceiling fan can be very convenient.

Choosing the best ceiling fan for sunroom is not overwhelming if you have some primary idea of choosing fan models for other rooms. In this short review, we will help you out to get a fan that will comfort you on your leisure days.

Best Ceiling Fan For Sunroom

Our Picks

  1. Best Overall and Best Modern: Hunter Cassius Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain Control, 52″, Matte Black
  2. Best with a Remote: Minka Aire F844-DK, Light Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit in Distressed Koa Finish
  3. Best for Low Ceilings: Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50197 Carmel 48″ Contemporary Ceiling Fan with Integrated Light Kit and Remote Control, Five Reversible Cimerron/Ironwood Blades, Bronze
  4. Best Coastal Style: Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50204-01 Royal Palm Ceiling Fan, 52″
  5. Best for Salt Air Climates: Hunter Oceana Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Lights and Wall Control, 52″, Matte Silver
  6. For Large Outdoor and Best With Lights: Hunter Fan Company Hunter 59135 Nautical 54″ Ceiling Fan from Key Biscayne collection in Bronze/Dark finish, Weathered Zinc
  7. Best Double Fan: Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-in Oil-rubbed Bronze Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan

Things To Consider Before Buying A Ceiling Fan For Sunroom

It is essential to choose the best ceiling fan for the sunroom, otherwise, you will end up buying a fan that will not serve your purpose. In addition to the appearance of the fan, we can also look into other factors.

  1. Mounting System: Ceiling fans must have proper mounting positions. The high ceiling requires a long downrod.
  2. Installing Location: Since the fan will be used in the dining room, check if the fan can withstand kitchen heat – many times the kitchen is situated right after the dining room.
  3. Room Dimensions: When choosing the indoor ceiling fan size, consider the room size. Check our room size and the dimension guide of the fan you can use.
  4. Height of the Ceiling: The height is significant when deciding on the height of the downrod piece. You need at least seven feet of distance between the floor and your ceiling. The ceiling-floor distance also determines the length you need for the downrod when mounting the ceiling fan.
  5. Type of Control: Check whether the ceiling fan you want to buy has a pull chain model, remote controls, smartphones, and voice prompt. Depending on your budget, get a fan with the type of control that favors you.
  6. Number of Blades: Good air circulation requires that you go for the number of blades with a proper design. The angled positioning and the number of blades are what separate a noisy indoor ceiling fan from a quiet one.

Best Ceiling Fan For Sunroom Review and Comparison

1) Best Overall and Best Modern: Hunter Cassius Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain Control, 52″, Matte Black

Best Overall and Best Modern


Hunter Cassius indoor/outdoor ceiling fan is flawless in its design that will fill your interior with inspired aesthetics. The special mounting system comes with the option to mount the fan on standard, low, and angled ceilings. The 13-degree angled blades ensure the ideal airflow and peak performance. The fan is also suitable for 9 feet or greater ceiling along with the reversible fan option for comfort around the year.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Placement: The fan is suitable for both indoor and covered outdoor spaces. Unconditionally, it can be used for the living room, bedroom, patios, garage, etc. 5” and 3” downrod options ensure the proper distance between the ceiling fan and the floor.
  2. Design: The fan gives an industrial vibe along with a matte black color that fits in any interior space.
  3. Dimension: 52 x 52 x 11-inch dimension ensures the perfect airflow for medium to large rooms including your garage.
  4. Reversible Fan Motor: The whisper wind motor is excellent in performance for delivering the airflow without noise. The motor also allows to reverse the fan in the winter and ensures year-round comfort.
  5. Pull Chain Control: The fan comes with the traditional pull chain control to on/off and adjusts the speed quickly.


  1. The fan is much quiet and minimalistic in design to suit your interior space
  2. Functionally it is great with the best airflow and wind
  3. Value for money is quite strong


  1. A few customers complain about the usual noise that a fan makes
  2. Sometimes, you may find the airflow is low due to improper installation

From an overall ground, the fan is highly suitable for any low-used/irregular spaces of your home like dining room, sunroom, garages, patios, lobby spaces, etc. You can also use the fan in indoor regular spaces if you are looking for value for money.

2) Best with a Remote: Minka Aire F844-DK, Light Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit in Distressed Koa Finish

Best with a Remote


Minka Aire F844-DK, Light Wave 52″ ceiling fan features three koa blades with a distressed body design. The uniqueness in its design moves air through any room with an efficiency of 4531 CFM while at the same time adding sleekness to the living space. The Integrated LED lights are dimmable, producing a soft and visual aesthetics, which frees you from the burden of replacing bulbs.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Style: Minka Aire Light Wave has an eye-catching unique design and modern styling. It adds sleekness and versatility to any of your living space.
  2. Dimension: 52” blade design can move the air through any room with ease.
  3. Lighting: It includes a 16-watt dimmable LED light in white opal glass. This serves your aesthetic purpose and lighting requirement as well.
  4. Remote Control: Use the remote control to manage the 3-speed cooling and lighting effect of the indoor fan giving you full control.
  5. Downrod: The product comes with six installation downrod (60, 48, 36, 24, 12 & 3.5″ configurations) to ease your customization needs that complement the height of your ceiling.
  6. Smart Control: This is a Wi-Fi-compatible fan to be integrated with your home system or via mobile phone using the Bond technology hub BD-1000.


  1. The Koa finish on the blade is a patent that guarantees the best performance
  2. During winter, enjoy the heat coming from the warm via the reversible option, and energy-efficient, dimmable LED lights
  3. Moves a lot of air and is nearly silent


  1. Some customers do not like the harsh white light coming from the LEDs
  2. Others complain about being a little noisy motor

From an overall ground, you can use the ceiling fan throughout the year and be able to get that level of comfort you are not likely to find anywhere. Do you want to add more flare to the room? Use the Minka-Aire indoor Ceiling Fan that will leave your guests asking where to find a similar installation.

3) Best for Low Ceilings: Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50197 Carmel 48″ Contemporary Ceiling Fan with Integrated Light Kit and Remote Control, Five Reversible Cimerron/Ironwood Blades, Bronze

Best for Low Ceilings


Honeywell builds timeless ceiling fans that can serve you for many years. Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50197 Carmel 48″ Contemporary Ceiling Fan is modern in design with 2 blade finishes (cimmeron and ironwood) which you can use from either side. 5 blades give powerful airflow for large spaces. The 2-position dual mount option enables it to be installed in any standard or angled ceiling. Additionally, you can expect all the good features from this model.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Recommended Use: This ceiling fan is recommended for indoor usage only. The bedroom, living room, and dining room are suitable places to use this fan.
  2. Design: 5 powerful blades have two finishes (cimmeron and ironwood), you can use either side. Besides, it has a beautiful frosted case of bowl light that gives 3×40 watt powerful lights. 
  3. Remote Control: You can control your 3 fan speed and brightness of the light from anywhere in the room.
  4. Reversible Motor: Year-round comfort has never been so easy with the advantage of reversible fan direction in the summer and winter. The installed fan motor is conveniently quiet and has a 3-speed control.
  5. Installation: The fan can be installed easily with a first-hand try. Medium to large-sized rooms is common areas for installing this fan. Besides, you can install this fan in both standard flat ceilings and angled ceilings through the dual mounting option.


  1. The fan balancing is amazing with excellent steadiness and quietness 
  2. The assembly process of the fan is quite easy
  3. LED bulbs and remote batteries are included


  1. The color combination of remote and fan is slightly ugly
  2. Sometimes the LED bulbs are not uniformly glowing under the frosted glass

4) Best Coastal Style: Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50204-01 Royal Palm Ceiling Fan, 52″

Best Coastal Style


Maintain a cool space by installing one of the best-looking hand-carved ceiling fans on the market. The design is classic in its design and easily complements many home decor installations. Use the Honeywell Royal Palm Tropical Ceiling Fan indoors or on your pouch to harness cool flowing air while relaxing.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Design: The hand-carved dark cherry wood has a fine finish on the blade span that brings in airflow to 5038 CFM.
  2. Light: This tropical indoor ceiling fan illuminates your room using the bowl light coming from a base bulb. The base and bulb are E12/E15 capable.
  3. Intended Use: Honeywell Tropical Indoor Ceiling has a wet rating of dry (indoors), damp (covered), and wet (outdoor).
  4. Tri Mount Compatibility: The four blades are energy-efficient and are easy to install like any other top-rated ceiling fans that use the three mounting options, i.e., using the downrods, angled, and close mount installation.
  5. Quiet Reversible Motor: The fan comes with a quiet reversible motor that you can use to cool down the air in the summer and blow warm air in the winter. You can enjoy the year-round tropical vacation you always wanted.


  1. The user can take control of the fan using a pull chain
  2. Enjoy the quiet and reversible motor as you meditate in the room
  3. The fan takes all the possible mounting angles
  4. Your interior adds more value because of a hand-carved blade made from basswood


  1. The product manufacturer does not give reliable customer support

5) Best for Salt Air Climates: Hunter Oceana Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Lights and Wall Control, 52″, Matte Silver

Best for Salt Air Climates


When it comes to protecting your ceiling fan from salt air climates, Hunter Oceana Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan is one of the best choices you can make. This industrial farmhouse ceiling fan fits flawlessly in your home’s interior design. You can expect an ideal airflow and peak performance from this 13-degree blade pitch. The adjustable mount fan options and 2 different sizes of downrods ensure proper installation at any standard ceiling.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Design: The design comes with an LED light covered by painted-cased white glass that seamlessly brightens your space. Besides, four matte silver finish blades measure 52 x 52 x 14.85 inches.
  2. Multi-Speed Reversible Motor: WhisperWind motor technology comes with SureSpeed ultra-powerful high-speed with quiet performance. You can enjoy year-round comfort during the summer and winter through the reversible option.
  3. Light Kit: The LED light is dimmable and gives a cool ambiance to your living space. The bulbs are long-lasting than traditional bulbs.
  4. Control: With this fan, you will get a wall control system where you can on/off and adjust the speed of the fan.
  5. Placement: The fan comes with 4” and 2” downrods options to ensure proper distance from the ceiling. It has a damp-rated option, so you can use it on patios, porches, sunrooms, meeting areas, living rooms, and bedrooms also.


  1. Installation is easy for a first-hand user
  2. The fan is very quiet
  3. Fast enough with high CFM


  1. The wall switch is a little weird in appearance
  2. It doesn’t come with a remote but you can buy one separately

6) For Large Outdoor and Best With Lights: Hunter Fan Company Hunter 59135 Nautical 54″ Ceiling Fan from Key Biscayne collection in Bronze/Dark finish, Weathered Zinc

For Large Outdoor and Best With Lights


Your answer to a robust and stylish outdoor ceiling fan could be the Hunter 59135 Nautical 54-inch Fan. The five reversible blades are made of pine and carry the vintage look above your ceiling. The product has a WhisperWind motor that delivers powerful airflow of about 6239 CFM keeping your household in the summer. The fan is ideal for all seasons because of the reversible blades that change from downdraft mode in summer to updraft mode in winter.

Features and Benefits:

  1. A pulling chain comes in handy for easy access and control of these ceiling fans’ features.
  2. Chase the darkness away by inserting a wall light bulb inside the weather-resistant glass casing.
  3. Enjoy the year-round comfort with an ultra-powerful whisper wind motor that delivers quiet performance.
  4. The entire unit will serve you for long because of the lifetime warranty given by the manufacturer to stand against salt air.
  5. If your locality is damp most parts of the year, you can install this product because of its damp rating certification.


  1. It ensures to keep a proper distance between your ceiling fan and the floor by using the downrods. A reasonable distance optimizes air movement in the room.
  2. The WhisperWind motor guarantees smooth operation throughout the ceiling fan’s lifetime.


  1. A section of buyers complains about the difficulty in installing the fan due to the unnecessary steps given.

7) Best Double Fan: Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-in Oil-rubbed Bronze Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan

Best Double Fan


One of the best ceiling fans spanning a massive 74-inch space carries its award with pride. The durability is for the lifetime while it controls the flow of air at the rate of 4450 CFM. The Harbor Breeze Twin ceiling fan construction is built to impress and to last. The new version utilizes quiet motor technology. The six brown wicker blades have a sleek appearance and are easy to change, saving you replacement time. The reversible motor powers the ceiling fan making it one of the stylish outdoor ceiling fans in this category.

Features and Benefits:

  1. The fan is outstanding with its durability and it is an industry-recognized with award-winning capability.
  2. The ceiling fan has a light kit inside a frosted glass that illuminates the room with a bright glow.
  3. The large fan is ideal for any extra-large room to be used indoors/outdoor.
  4. Every time you purchase this product, you will have a 4-inch downrod in the package.
  5. You can control the fan with a 3-speed reversible AC motor that provides up to 4450 CFM airflow.


  1. Its sheer size makes it suitable for an extra-large room
  2. It also enhances the beauty of the entire space with an aesthetic wall decor


  1. Most clients are complaining about the installation duration and the bothering noise levels it produces
  2. You may have difficulty getting the full customer support

Why Trust The Home Impro?

As a buyer, you must ensure that the money you spend is commensurate with the defining features of a particular product. The thought of owning a home appliance is a good idea if you intend to enhance the aesthetic value of your home deck.

So, we the experts at The Home Impro team scoured the internet and evaluated all the above products in the market. We have brought up some of the characteristics and honest reviews, and we hope that should guide you for the right purchase.

Buying Guide

As we listed the fan above, you can buy one for your sunroom based on the category it serves.

From an overall ground, Hunter Cassius Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan can be a good choice for all purposes. If you are looking for good aesthetic appeal, Minka Aire F844-DK Ceiling Fan, or, Honeywell Royal Palm Ceiling Fan will serve your purpose the best.

For low ceilings, Honeywell 50197 Carmel 48″ Contemporary Ceiling Fan is a good option. Whereas for large sunrooms, Hunter 59135 Nautical 54″ Ceiling Fan, or, Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ceiling Fan can be your best choice.

If you are living in a salt air climate, you should choose Hunter Oceana Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Can you use an indoor ceiling fan in the sunroom?

It depends on whether the sunroom is protected from unwanted elements like rain and moisture. If the room is closed and protected by glass from dampness, then you can easily use a regular indoor ceiling fan in the sunroom.

2) Do porch ceiling fans keep bugs away?

Ceiling fans in the outdoor sunroom can help keep the bugs away. These create a certain level of blowing airflow that gives comfort to you and your family. Besides, this level of airflow doesn’t allow the mosquito or other bugs to fly around the room.

Bottom Line

We review the best ceiling fan for sunroom by keeping the best value for money in mind. Since the sunroom is an extended room to your house, you should spend the money carefully. You already have a good amount of budget for structuring and decorating the room with a garden and furniture. You can choose any of the fans above that to fit your comfort and overall budget.

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