7 Best Ceiling Fans Reviews 2022

Every summer, the increasing electricity expenses is a big concern for every new and old  household. The dwellers are highly in need of a solution for this great problem. If you are on a budget scope, replacing the air conditioner with modern ceiling fan that effectively cool the room can be a better option.

The other good thing you can notice is that if the air in the room remains the same, you may no longer face chest or any other pain problems caused from coldness.

Best Ceiling Fans

We hope that by the end of this review, the information you get here will guide you in making the right purchase. Whether it is a replacement or you want a new ceiling fan for your summer home, everything you need to know about the best ceiling fans is here.

Our Picks

1. The Best Ceiling Fan for Bedroom: Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Ceiling Fan

2. The Best Ceiling Fan for Living Room, Best LED Ceiling Fans: The Hunter 53237 Transitional Indoor Ceiling Fan

3. Best High End, Best Remote-Control Ceiling Fans: Minka-Aire F844-DK Ceiling Fan

4. Best Looking Ceiling Fans: Honeywell Sabal Palm Tropical Ceiling Fan

5. Best Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fan: Energy-Efficient LED Ceiling Fan with Espresso Blade

6. Best Low-Profile Ceiling Fan: Hunter 51059 Low-Profile Ceiling Fan

7. Best Smart Ceiling Fans: Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan, 52", White

Best Ceiling Fan For Bedroom

Best Ceiling Fan For Living Room

Best Remote Control Ceiling Fans

Best Ceiling Fan For Bedroom
Best Ceiling Fan For Living Room
Best Remote Control Ceiling Fans


Hunter Fan Company


Westinghouse Lighting 7801665 Comet 52-Inch Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Frosted Glass

Hunter Ceiling Fan 53237 Transitional 52" Ceiling Fan from Builder Plus collection in Pwt, Nckl, B/S, Slvr. finish, Brushed Nickel

Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave 52" Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote, Distressed Koa

  • Dimmable LED light
  • High Quality DC Motor
  • Seamlessly quiet and stable
  • Pull chain-controlled LED ceiling fan
  • Reversible motor for winter and summer
  • Very easy to install
  • Remote control for the light and the fan
  • Great style accent for your home
  • Optional downrod

2022 Best Indoors Ceiling Fans Review and Comparison

Here are the 2022 best ceiling fans reviews, including some of the best indoor ceiling fans. Kindly browse through the list and select the one that is within your budget and will fit your living space perfectly.

1.  The Best Ceiling Fan for Bedroom: Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan for Bedroom

Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Ceiling Fan is an outstanding design allowing you to enjoy its exceptional performance. Get the full cooling effect from the five blades that are made from the frosted glass, giving you enough light in your bedroom.

The innovative indoor ceiling fan works well for smaller rooms and is an excellent choice for a home office or a bedroom. Mounting can be done on low-lying ceilings, standard ceilings, and high ceiling positions. Mounting is possible with or without the extension rod, depending on the ceiling height or angle.

Take advantage of the energy-efficient ceiling fan and enjoy your comfort in summer or winter while utilizing low energy costs. The five blades have an airflow capacity of 3588.69 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute).

Desiring Aspects

The indoor ceiling fan qualifies as one of the best for your bedroom because of the minimal lighting coming from an energy-efficient 40-watt LED bulb light kit. The soft illumination fit the light intensity you may desire for your sleeping area.

The motor operates silently but has enough power to produce a powerful airflow. You can mount the large ceiling fan using any of the dual mounting points.

Challenging Aspects

Some serious buyers claim that the motor hums and may interfere with your resting time. You may find installing the fan blade frustrating and a tedious process.

2.  The Best Ceiling Fan for Living Room, Best LED Ceiling Fans: The Hunter 53237 Transitional Indoor Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan for Living Room

The Hunter 53237 Indoor Ceiling Fan will fit both in your new and old house, and complement the interior design. Your home will be clean, beautiful, and offer a clean finish due to the contrasting angles found in its design. The LED lights are dimmable and give you full control over your lighting needs. The angle of the blade offers an ideal airflow of 5049 CFM during peak performance. You can reverse the rotation blade for a cooling effect during summer and warm your house in the winter.

Install the fan in rooms with low-lying ceilings that can also allow for a fit flush fitting. The ideal location for the Hunter 53237 is your living room, children's room, lounge, and bedroom.

Desiring Aspects

The ceiling fan offers convenience when you choose to use the pull chain for turning it ON/OFF as well as adjusting the fan speed. Your energy costs reduce due to the energy-efficient LED light fittings that control the ambiance of the room. Get a powerful airflow without worrying about fan or motor noise.

Challenging Aspects

Your most likely worry should be the scent of burning plastic during operation.

3. Best High End, Best Remote-Control Ceiling Fans: Minka Aire F844-DK Ceiling Fan

Best Remote-Control Ceiling Fans

Minka Aire F844-DK indoor ceiling fan features three koa blade with distressed body design. The uniqueness in its design moves air through any room with an efficiency of 4531 CFM while at the same time adding sleekness to the living space. The Integrated LED lights are dimmable, producing a soft and visual aesthetics, which frees you from the burden of replacing bulbs.

You can use the ceiling fan throughout the year and be able to get that level of comfort you are not likely to find anywhere. Use the remote control to manage the 3-speed cooling and lighting effect of the indoor fan giving you full control. The product comes with six installation downrods to ease your customization needs that complement the height of your ceiling.

You want to add more flare into the room? Use the Minka-Aire indoor Ceiling Fan that will leave your guests asking where to find a similar installation.

Desiring Aspects

The Koa finish on the blade is a patent that guarantees the best performance. During winter, enjoy the heat coming from the warm, dimmable, and energy-efficient LED lights.

Challenging Aspects

Some clients do not like the harsh white light coming from the LEDs.

4. Best Looking Ceiling Fans: Honeywell Sabal Palm Tropical Ceiling Fan

Best Looking Ceiling Fans

Maintain a cool space by installing one of the best-looking hand-carved ceiling fans in the market. The design is classic in its design and easily complements many home decor installations. Use the Honeywell Sabal Palm Tropical Ceiling Fan indoors or on your pouch to harness cool flowing air while relaxing. The four blades are energy-efficient and are easy to install like any other top-rated ceiling fans that use the three mounting options, i.e., using the downrods, angled, and close mount installation.

The hand-carved dark cherry wood has a fine finish on the blade span that bring in airflow to 5038 CFM. This tropical indoor ceiling fan illuminates your room using the bowl light coming from a base bulb. Honeywell Tropical Indoor Ceiling has a wet rating of dry (indoors), damp (covered), and the wet (outdoor).

Desiring Aspects

The user can take control of the fan using a pull chain. Enjoy the quiet and reversible motor as you meditate in the room. The fan takes all the possible mounting angles. Your interior adds more value because of hand-carved blade made from basswood.

Challenging Aspects

The product manufacturer does not give reliable customer support.

5. Best Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fan: Energy-Efficient LED Ceiling Fan with Espresso Blade

Best Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan

The Energy Efficient LED Ceiling Fan is a design fit for indoor living spaces and large rooms. The ceiling fan has a neutral finish on all its five blades, ideal for an open pouch. The angle between the Espresso blade increases the airflow to 5509 CFM. The indoor ceiling fan design offers multiple mounting options that include the use of a downrod, mounting at an angle of 20-degrees, and the close mount. Order the product and get 94 decorative white lights and a three-speed reversible blade motor.

You can enjoy the airflow coming from this indoor ceiling fan in large rooms, not exceeding 400sq feet. The ultra-power air control is what makes it one of the best indoor ceiling fans. In reverse mode, warm air from the ceiling is moved to the rest of the room during winter.

Desiring Aspects

Assembling this fan is the easiest because proper installation eliminates the wobbling effect. Dimmable LED lights add to the fan’s aesthetics.

Challenging Aspects

Customers find it hard to replace the LEDs.

6. Best Low-Profile Ceiling Fan: Hunter 51059 Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Best Low-Profile Ceiling Fan

The Hunter 51059 Low-Profile Ceiling Fan fits in a traditional 7 or 8 foot low ceiling space. The fan goes through handcrafting to fit into small areas functionality using both the old and new technology to develop an unmatched style and quality. Performs quietly and the energy efficiency lowers your energy costs. With the three-speed levels, this fan delivers an airflow of 2902 CFM inside the room.

The blade has a white finish that complements modern furnishing or antiques you may have at home. If you prefer the fit flush mounting, the motor housing gives enough clearance for better and silent performance. The low-profile indoor ceiling is safe and easy to install even for a person with no prior indoor ceiling fan installation. Purchase the Hunter 51059 Low profile Ceiling fan and get a three-inch installation downrod. Limit noise operation by tightly screwing the blades until they snug into position.

Desiring Aspects

Lack of wobbling guarantees a whisper-quiet operation that can last its entire lifetime. The pull chain control allows the adjustments of fan speed and acts as an ON/OFF switch for the light.

Challenging Aspects

Does not produce enough airflow in the room.

7. Best Smart Ceiling Fans: Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan, 52", White

Best Smart Ceiling Fans

The Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan is one of the top ceiling fans for all the time. The airflow delivery is exceptional and reaches up to 5604 CFM. The award-winning indoor ceiling fan offers more sophistication to your living space with modern forms. The integrated LED has 16 different brightness levels fit for every occasion. The three blades have a 10-level speed setting that includes sleep mode, whoosh mode, and timer.

The fan lighting and speed can be handled using a remote control or via an app running on your smartphone through a Wi-Fi connection. Other methods of controlling your indoor fan are by using an Alexa enabled device or Google Assistant.

Desiring Aspects

The fan receives control from the most modern forms of technology applications such as Alexa’s voice command, Google home assistant, mobile apps, and remote control. The silent operation equates to a superior airflow.

Challenging Aspects

The cost of the fan is not pocket friendly.

Final Verdict

Traditional ceiling fan is enormously a great option if you are looking for the low energy consumption at your home. The choice of specific ceiling fan model depends on your need of replacing the ceiling fan in place of an air conditioning.

If you have a large bedroom or living room that needs both light and good airflow, then Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Ceiling Fan or, The Hunter 53237 Transitional Indoor Ceiling Fan is a good option.

Energy-Efficient LED Ceiling Fan with Espresso Blade will reduce your electricity bill drastically and Minka-Aire F844-DK Ceiling Fan or, Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan, 52", White will give you the best smart operating options.

Alternatively, you can choose from different other brands like monte carlo, harbor breeze, westinghouse comet, honeywell carnegie, home decorators / home decorators collection, and, buy them from home depot, or prominence home.

We tested 7 of the best indoor ceiling fans to help you find the right one for your living space. Check out the quick reviews for more insightful information.

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Product Guide

Getting to know your indoor ceiling fan requirement is one thing. To pick one of the best indoor ceiling fans is a huge undertaking. Before heading to a retailer like Del Mar Fans & Lighting [1], Home Depot, or Prominence Home, consider the following factors that cover ceiling fan reviews before your final decision.

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Ceiling Fans

1. Installing Location

The available option is either indoor or outdoor installations. Consider if you need a ceiling fan for the pouch or patios for the outdoors, or you need an indoor fan placement. The location matters because outdoor ceiling fan can withstand the wet and damp environment.

2.  Room Dimensions

When choosing the indoor ceiling fan size, consider the room size. Use the following room size and the dimension of the fan you can use.

  • A small room of less than 75 Sq. Ft. requires a fan size of 36 inches or less
  • Living space of 76 to 144 Sq. Ft. can use a fan with dimensions ranging from 36 to 42 inches
  • If your room covers 144 to 225 Sq. Ft., purchase an indoor ceiling fan that is between 42 to 50 inches
  • Any indoor space larger than 225 Sq. Ft. requires a fan that is 52 inches and above

If you are unsure of your room measurements, contact the renowned indoor and outdoor ceiling fan specialists like Hansel Wholesale [2] to get the accurate information. Sometimes, it is advised to use a floor fan instead of ceiling fan due to the insufficient height.

3.  Height of the Ceiling

Before making the final decision to get the best indoor ceiling for your room, get the correct dimensions of the ceiling height. The height is significant when deciding on the height of the downrod piece. You need at least seven feet of distance between the floor and your ceiling.

The ceiling-floor distance also determines the length you need for the downrod when mounting the ceiling fan.

Downrod Length Needed as per the Ceiling Height

Downrod Length Needed as per the Ceiling Height

4.  Mounting System

The best indoor ceiling fans must have three mounting positions. The low-lying ceiling requires a flush mount. Therefore, it makes sure that the fan you purchase is compatible with that particular mounting.

5.  Type of Control

Are you looking for an indoor ceiling fan that you can control? There are plenty of choices ranging from pull chain models, remote controls, smartphones, and voice prompt. Depending on your budget, get a fan with the type of control that favors you.

6.  Brand Review

An affordable indoor ceiling fan may perform incredibly well as the high-end ones. The advantage of using trusted brands is the dedication given to every component in terms of quality and durability. For your type of a ceiling fan, confirm if the reputation of the brand is irrefutable.

7 Number of Blades

Good air circulation requires that you go for the number of blades with a proper design. The angled positioning and the number of blades is what separates a noisy indoor ceiling fan from a quiet one.

Why Trust The Home Impro?

As a buyer, you must ensure that the money you spend is commensurate with the defining features of an indoor ceiling fan. Due to the changes in cheaper technology and lifestyle, most of our places of work are using air conditioning to maintain a cool temperature. But on the contrary, indoor ceiling fans are handy in circulating fresh air in the room other than being a stylish addition to your interior design.

So, we the experts at The Home Impro team evaluated all the best ceiling fans in the market and have brought up some of the characteristics that should guide you at your ceiling fan purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 1.  Which Direction Should a Ceiling Fan Turn?

In normal summer weather, the fans move in a counter-clockwise direction to create a breeze. During winter, the movement is in a clockwise direction to reverse airflow to heat up the room.

Ceiling Fan Direction

 2.  What is the Recommended Downrod Size in Relation to My Ceiling?

A standard ceiling comes with a downrod to connect the fan to the ceiling mount. The recommended minimum distance is 7-feet between the floor and the fan. Flush mounting is recommended for a ceiling floor height of less than 8-feet.

 3.  How to Secure an Indoor Ceiling Fan Using a Blade-Balancing Kit

Poor installation of your ceiling fan will lead to wobbling. The best approach to address the issue is to use a blade-balancing kit. Attach the plastic clip over the center of any blade and turn the fan on to observe where the wobbling takes place.


We hope that the review has given you an insight into the best indoor ceiling fans and the things to look for before making your purchase. You can understand different brands, design, and CFM rates, number of blades, room size, and installation kit, if any, control mechanism, etc. These are essential elements before choosing a ceiling fan.

Indoor ceiling fans are a perfect solution to regulating air. This selection of indoor ceiling fans is some of the best cooling fans you will find in the market today. Install any of the above and note the reduction in energy costs at the end of every billing cycle.

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