4 Best Electric Dryer Reviews 2022

The year didn't started as usual. In recent times, due to the outbreak of diseases whole over the world, we all are paranoid about cleanliness. And as you can imagine, how many clothes can pile up for washing every single day.

Although washing clothes has come up to a durable solution with the help of different portable washing machines, contributors has also developed solutions for drying your clothes if you are suffering from drying spaces or wet weather condition. Also, there is another problem that some fabric cannot use the standard sun temperature settings to dry up.

Best Electric Dryer

Dry clothes contribute to the wellbeing of your households, especially now that COVID-19 is likely to spread through contact. The clothes dryer should have the sanitization feature for bulky laundries, such as beddings. Wash them using the warmest possible settings and let them dry completely.

Getting the best electric dryer is not an easy task. The reason behind our 2022 electric dryer reviews is to give you a few steps ahead regardless of the type of dryer that you need. If all you want is a dependable, affordable, smart, driven by its capacity, keep reading because we got you.

Our Picks

1. Best Clothes Dryer and Energy Saver Using Steam Cleaning: Electrolux EFME627UTT Titanium Electric Dryer

2. Best Clothes Dryer for Large Families: LG DLEX9000V TurboSteam Graphite Steel Electric Dryer

3. Best for Small Spaces: Bosch WTG86401UC

4. Best Value and Best Budget: AMANA NED4655EW 6.5 Cu. Ft. Front-Load Electric Dryer

5. The Best and the Most Innovative Smart Dryer: Samsung DVE60M9900V with FlexDry

Best Value and Best Budget

Best for Small Spaces

Clothes Dryers for Large Families

Best Value And Best Budget Electric Dryer
Best Electric Dryer For Small Spaces
Best Clothes Dryer For Large Families




AMANA NED4655EW 6.5 cu. ft. Front Load Electric Dryer with 11 Drying Cycles, White

Bosch WTG86401UC 24" 500 Series Compact Condensation Dryer with 4.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity Stainless Steel Drum Sensitive Drying System 15 Dry Cycles 4 Temperature Settings and Large LED Display

LG DLEX9000V TurboSteam 9.0 Cu. Ft. Graphite Steel With Steam Cycle Electric Dryer - Energy Star

Get the best value within the budget. Basic laundry is very simple with timed and automatic cycles. Large size and durable.

Makes your small space completed with this big see through door and large LED displays. Energy Star approved to save your utility bills.

However big your family is, the dryer's capacity should accommodate your varying laundry needs. Take advantage of the steam cycles to forget about wrinkles and germs.

Product Review: 5 of the Best Electric Dryers in 2022

According to cleaning experts, we have a list of some of the best electric dryers in the market. Our smart electric dryer review is all about the features of every product and not in the order of their preference. Use this review to shop for the best machine that will make your clothes soft and dry without shrinkage.

1. Clothes Dryers and Energy Saver Using Steam Cleaning: Electrolux EFME627UTT Titanium Electric Dryer

Best Clothes Dryer and Energy Saver Using Steam Cleaning

The Electrolux Titanium EFME627UTT is a choice for you to answer the quest for a steam cycle that prevents wrinkles. Go for this machine if you are looking for a dryer with energy efficiency for large load. The energy requirement is less in comparison with others of the same class due to its gentle temperature needs.

Its design favors modern households that need to control energy bills. Going by the Energy Star certification, the energy requirement is around 600 kWh, including a 15-minute fast dry setting that will work conveniently for small loads of clothes. With that, timing bid farewell to longer dry cycle.

Make use of the "Eco" mode to take charge of your domestic energy needs without interfering with the dryer's performance. Using the product means refreshing, sanitizing, and making your clothes almost allergen-free. The 8 cubic feet dryer has convenient buttons on the side that gives you full control, such as adding steam to eliminate wrinkles. Other buttons include one for temperature adjustments, time, and the spin dryer speed. The drum has sensors that track the level of wetness on your laundry to ensure the quality of fabric remains the same without over-drying them.

Desiring Aspects

For those who enjoy maintaining the quality of fabric after washing, the dryer has a moisture sensor to check on the level of wetness before drying the clothes. Sensor dry help in the removal of wrinkles. Use the dryer at home to monitor the rate of utility bills by selecting some of its best features.

Challenging Aspects

You must have a source of water nearby to hook up the machine. Some clients think that with the features, it ought to have an app to synchronize with smart homes.

2. Clothes Dryers for Large Families: LG DLEX9000V TurboSteam Graphite Steel Electric Dryer

Best Clothes Dryer for Large Families

The LG Dryer DLEX9000V is not only smart but also a mega capacity turbo steam dryer with 14 cycles. Complete with a sanitize option, you can do a quick steam sanitize refresh to get clothes dry. A specific cycle lets you disinfect non-washable items. It suits your smart home because of its Wi-Fi enabled receiver alongside an app that helps detect arising issues.

The 9 cubic feet dryer uses the LG smart grid to help conserve power giving a boost to your energy-saving strategy. The same grid has an alarm system to alert you when clothes are dry. The joke of purchasing a dyer and a washer from the same brand will make sense if they can start communicating with each other directly.

Its large capacity is ideal if you have a large family, for it can handle small and large workloads comfortably. Enjoy two of the product's most definitive steam cycles taking 10-minutes to remove wrinkles and a sanitizer. The two cycles work best for beddings, especially when there was an outbreak in the family. LG's SmartThinQ app is the app that gives you control over the product from a smartphone. Alexa's and Google Assistant voice controls are other options you can use. The product has a graphite finish with a pedestal that can hold a front-loading washing. Upgrade your laundry room by owning the LG DLEX9000V.

Desiring Aspects

However big your family is, the dryer's capacity should accommodate your varying laundry needs. The machine takes orders from an LG smart grid meaning anyone at home can issue the commands without extensive knowledge of the processes involved.

Take advantage of the steam sanitize cycles to forget about wrinkles and germs.

Challenging Aspects

An outside water source has to be present to hookup the product.

3. Best for Small Spaces: Bosch WTG86401UC 

Best Electric Dryer for Small Spaces

The Bosch WTG86401UC is one of the best condensations running with a 4 cubic feet capacity suitable for a small space. This compact laundry dryer boasts of 15 dry cycles giving you 8 different options alongside 4 temperature settings. The size fits in small spaces or even closets, and you can stick it with a compatible load washer. Mode of operation is condensation drying that circulates warm air passing the drum and eliminates the venting function.

The ventless dryer smart feature is what makes it possible to stack the dryer in limited spaces. Apart from the big number of cycles, the Bosch dryer has a sound muting technology that dampens any sound during operation. The manufacturer thought about using the next available space, which may be next to your bedroom, thus the soundproof feature.

You will find it convenient to use the product because of the large see-through door and a large LED display indicating the remaining time. Bosch WTG86401UC uses a reversible door enabling you to access your laundry from the right or left side. The system has an internal intelligent sensor dry installation to prevent overheating during operation. The sensitive drying systems are programmed to automatically dry clothes depending on the nature of the fabric. The ventless dryer feature is common in the best electric dryers.

Desiring Aspects

Your clothes will dry within a short with no vibrations or noise coming from the tumble dryer. The internal design of the drum has a unique pattern creating an air cushion to protect your clothes.

Take control of utility bills by using the Bosch WTG86401UC that uses its sensors to regulate moisture and over-drying. The product has an Energy Star approval.

Challenging Aspects

The ventless feature dries clothes using moisture that takes a longer time, even on small loads of clothes.

4. Best Value and Best Budget: AMANA NED4655EW 6.5 Cu. Ft. Front-Load Electric Dryer

Best Value and Best Budget Electric Dryer

AMANA NED4655EW is a 6.5 cubic front load electric dryer with 11 drying cycles. The popularity of this dryer lies in the value clients claim to get. It has an auto dryer sensor that controls every dry cycle to last as long as clothes are wet. You will fall in love with the optional wrinkle prevention feature that will ensure you always look neat even without so much effort.

If you are on a budget and looking for a basic laundry machine that uses simple knob controls with timed and automatic cycles, then AMANA NED4655EW is your choice. The cycles may take longer than expected, but the temperature does not go above its limit. You can control the drum tumbling when a cycle is over to keep the clothes free from creases.

Desiring Aspects

The automatic dryness control is favorable for sweatpants and fabrics of nature. The 6.5 capacity is one of the largest sizes for dryers giving you a good reason to take a huge load of laundry at once.

Take advantage of its ease of use and durability, and it does not have complex controls and features.

Challenging Aspects

You may need to be ready to face the customer care agents who do not take their clients' complaints seriously.

5. The Best and the Most Innovative Smart Dryer: Samsung DVE60M9900V with FlexDry

The Best and the Most Innovative Smart Dryer

Samsung with FlexDry is something you are likely to call a powerhouse because of its rate of drying fabric. No more worries about wrinkles and creases even when set to operate for long, low temperature, Eco cycle. The controls are easy to use and are visible, giving you an opportunity of using an app to diagnose possible problems.

The dryer has a capacity of 7.5 cubic meter that has an extra space to place sweaters and materials not fit in the tumbling drum. These models allow you to leave the drum open for manual loading, taking advantage of the heated surrounding air. The dryer machine never heats up. However, your stuffed animals will dry faster.

One of the options that these Samsung models have is the sanitizing options that are designed for beddings. Adjusting the steam levels eliminates wrinkles and increase the refresh cycles. Models with FlexDry accept controls from Samsung Smart Home App. You can track the machine operation without going to the location of the machine.

Desiring Aspects

Combining the functions of moisture sensor and steam cycles gives one of the best performances in laundry drying. The smart features are good and allow the communication of similar dryer or load washer brands.

Use the top dedicated compartment to clean your sweater. The dedicated sanitizing zone works well for your blankets.

Challenging Aspects

The brand is not affordable to the majority of users. You need a water source to hook up the dryer.

Find the best electric dryer with low consumption, our electric dryer reviews will help you identify and find the best type of clothes dryers from different brands.

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Product Guide

When it comes to purchasing top-rated electric dryers, you may have to go through several electric dryer reviews like in consumer reports [1] to make a final purchasing decision. Consider the following before falling in love with any particular brand.

1. Performance

The best electric dryer should handle drying clothes with energy efficiency at a very low operating cost. Look for a high performing electric portable dryer by choosing one with dryness and moisture sensor, temperature adjustment options, lint trap protection, and possibly identify one with a rating of Energy Star.

2. Must-Have Features

The best dryer for the money you will buy should allow you to customize regular settings to ones that fit in your environment. Customization helps in managing time and energy use. You may not be fond of the iron box. However, some top-rated clothes dryers come with a press care feature to save on ironing time.

3. Price Considerations

How do you consider something the best dryer? Is it the cost, functionality, or your budget? Your budget may limit you from purchasing the best dryer. The most modern compact dryers are on the higher end of the pricing range, and if you can afford, then go for the best. However, choosing features that relate to what you need is a matter of preference.

4. Compatibility with a Washer

The washer that you have at home may influence the kind of an electric dryer that you purchase. Look for similar brands that can communicate through the brand name grid to make your work easier.

5. Warranties

The cost of an electric dryer increase as new features comes into play. A good company like The Wire Cutter [2] or Good Housekeeping that reviews electric dryers may advise you to consider extended warranty from dealers when purchasing a new dryer. Ensure that routine servicing of the dryer is part of the package and that technicians in your area are qualified and available for that specific model.

Buying Guide

The idea behind purchasing the smart electric dryer is to get your laundry very dry leaving them soft and fluffy. You are also looking for a machine that will not leave creases or shrink your favorite designer, tees. How can you be sure if you do not carry out a proper test and evaluate an electric dryer that pleases you?

How did we test the product?

Talking to appliance repair technicians and information from brand representatives, here are some of the features a full-size dryer should have.

1. Power Source

Your electric dryer can have an electric or gas power source, and the one that suits your needs depends on your budget. The cost of a gas dryer is higher than that of an electric dryer, but in the end, it will lower your utility bill.

2. Capacity

The size of your electric dryer is the capacity defining the load of laundry that you can fit for a single session. Capacity ranges from 3 cubic feet to 9 or more look at the laundry room size before consideration into the capacity of your drying machine.

3. Moisture Level Sensors

These sensors monitor the amount of moisture left in laundry and automatically shut down once the clothes are dry. Most standard electric dryers seem to have the sensors by default.

4. Reversible Doors

A reversible door hinge enables you to set up your dryer set on any side the washer is located. The good thing about it is that you will not have a door coming into your way when looking for convenience.

5. Brand Reputation

A brand equates to the reputation of the product that is of interest to you. Judging from the reviews on the product page by genuine buyers, an electric dryer should last you many years before its initial breakage.

6. Quality Construction

You do not want to spend your top dollar on a door that wobbles and hinges threatening to come off. You should feel secure when spending money on something that will serve you for a long time. Ideally, buy something that has strong materials with controls placed at the right places.

7. Extra Features

If you are looking for a high-end dryer, then it must have some extra features to suit your convenience. Some examples include steam settings, Wi-Fi connectivity, smart app controls, compatibility with similar best washer brands, etc. the extra functionalities raise the cost of an electric dryer.

Additionally, you can look for the sensor dry, drying rack, lint trap features specially while buying from reputed brands like GE appliances, Home Depot, Yale Appliance, Maytag dryer, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When should I buy a dryer?

The best time to purchase an electric dryer is during January, September, and October. These three months are when manufacturers roll out new machines forcing retailers to discount their current stock.

2. Should I opt for a condenser or a vented one with a dryer vent?

It depends on the size of your laundry area because a condenser has an extra chamber where moisture collects while a electric vented dryer expels moisture through a duct. Vented dryer is less bulky compared to a typical condenser dryer.

3. How do automatic dryers work?

They use sensors that check moisture on the laundry. It will automatically switch on if it detects moisture and turns off when the load is dry.


Maybe you have gone through several best electric dryer reviews, and you have not been able to make up your mind. This review is a guide with some of the best brands and popular electric dryers that should have an impact on your choice. Look at your laundry room size and identify a dryer that will fit within that space and your budget.

Whether your dryer needs replacement or you want a new one, you no longer need to worry about the latest brands with the best features. What we have here is right for you. The only decision to make is to buy one.

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