7 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans Reviews 2022

Outdoor spaces in summer is a great place to survive from the hot and sticky weather. If you are lucky enough to have a porch, patio, or veranda in your house, you may get all the comfort in sweltering summer days.

At times, the outdoor open space is not just enough to cover the intolerable heat. Unlike indoor ceiling fan, high performing outdoor ceiling fan is a great solution to stand out the strong summer months. Because everybody deserves a moment of relaxation even during the unforgiving summer heat.

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan

There are many options on the type of ceiling fans you can choose from, which explains why we have the top rated outdoor ceiling fan reviews. The idea is to help you defend yourself against hot and humid weather as you choose an outdoor ceiling fan. By features, these are a little different from indoor fans.

Our Picks

1. Outdoor Ceiling Fan for Large Spaces: Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove

2. Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light: Hunter 59135 Nautical 54" Ceiling Fan

3. Best Propeller Style: 52-inch Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan

4. Best for Large Outdoor: Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

5. Best for Small Outdoor: Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

6. Best Double Fan: Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze 74-inch Downrod Ceiling Fan

7. Best Smart Ceiling Fans: Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan, 52-inch

Outdoor Ceiling Fan for Large Spaces

Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light

Best for Small Outdoor

Outdoor Ceiling Fan For Large Spaces
Outdoor Ceiling Fan With LED Light
Best For Small Outdoor

Home Decorators Collection

Hunter Fan Company


Kensgrove 72 in. LED Indoor/Outdoor Espresso Bronze Ceiling Fan YG493OD-EB

Hunter Fan Company Hunter 59135 Nautical 54" Ceiling Fan from Key Biscayne collection in Bronze/Dark finish, Weathered Zinc

Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan with Five Wet Rated Wicker Blades, Indoor/Outdoor Rated, Bronze

  • A massive weather resistant fan (wet rated)
  • Remote control for light kit and fan
  • Energy efficient dc motor
  • Reversible fan motor for summer and winter
  • LED light kit with pull chain control
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to install with quality design
  • Reversible fan motor for summer and winter
  • Damp wet rated

7 of the Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans of 2022

We hope to narrow down your choice on the best outdoor ceiling fan reviews by taking you through the following list. The compilation features the good and the bad side of each so that no one else can deceive when you go shopping.

1. Outdoor Ceiling Fan for Large Spaces: Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove

Outdoor Ceiling Fan for Large Spaces

The 72-inch Kensgrove is a perfect outdoor fan because of its sheer size. Each of its eight blades has a rich espresso bronze finish with a dome style ceiling light kit placed inside frosted glass shade. Brighten up your outdoor area with the warm white bight light through the LED bulbs on the ceiling fan. The fan may look mighty, but it is energy efficient, giving you no worries about a spike in the utility bill.

The airflow measures at 10,484 CFM when operating at maximum capacity. The dome light is a 14-watt LED Samsung bulb set at 3000K temperature. Handheld remote controls the dimming and sped functions of the outdoor fan. The dc motor operating the massive blade has a 9-speed setting, which is three times above the average ceiling fan. The 72-inch Home Decorator Collection Kensgrove has all the features that can pass for one of the best outdoor ceiling fans.

Desiring Aspects

The wet rated ceiling fan can work in any weather condition, given that the maple blade is weather-resistant with a rating of outdoor or indoor use. The warm white light from the dome light warms the room as it provides illumination as well.

Challenging Aspects

Noisy after considerable use with a potential to failure.

2. Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light: Hunter 59135 Nautical 54" Ceiling Fan

Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light

Your answer to a robust and stylish outdoor ceiling fan could be the Hunter 59135 Nautical 54-inch Fan. The five reversible blades are made of pine and carry the vintage look above your ceiling. The product has a WhisperWind motor that delivers powerful airflow of about 6239 CFM keeping your household in the summer. The fan is ideal for all seasons because of the reversible blades that change from downdraft mode in summer to updraft mode in winter.

A pulling chain comes in handy for easy access and control of these ceiling fans features. Chase the darkness away by inserting a wall light bulb inside the weather-resistant glass casing. The entire unit will serve you for long because of the lifetime warranty given by the manufacturer to stand against salt air. If your locality is damp most parts of the year, you can install this product because of its damp rating certification.

Desiring Aspects

It ensures to keep a proper distance between your ceiling fan and the floor by using the downrods. A reasonable distance optimizes air movement in the room.

The WhisperWind motor guarantees smooth operation throughout the ceiling fan lifetime.

Challenging Aspects

A section of buyers complains about the difficulty in installing the fan due to the unnecessary steps given.

3. Best Propeller Style: 52-inch Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Best Propeller Style

A 52-inch outdoor ceiling fan is not a bad size for you if you want something not big nor small for your outdoor installation. The amount of wind that will pass through the patio is something to marvel at.

Lovers of color, you have to choose between brown and ivory white. The color depends on the idea you have for the home exterior design. Control the ceiling fan using the three default speed settings, i.e., low, medium, and high from the wall control. Make sure you get hold of warm air at the rate of 5723 CFM by changing the fan direction to reverse.

The remote control is handy because it will turn ON/OFF the outdoor ceiling fan but can also control light kit. Use the appropriate button, and you will not get up from your comfort zone.

Desiring Aspects

The three solid wood blades have an oil rubbed bronze finish creating a cohesive look that makes it possible to install and use in damp locations.

Use the three setting levels to adjust the airflow according to how the temperature changes.

Challenging Aspects

The ceiling fan is unsuitable for use in humid or in areas with a possibility of exposing ceiling fan components to seawater.

4. Best for Large Outdoor: Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Best for Large Outdoor

The Honeywell Belmar 52-inch Outdoor Ceiling fan has an air flow capacity of 5070 CFM passing through the ETL damp-rated blades. It means the product is appropriate for your workshop, patios, gazebos, pergolas, breezeways, and any general open space with a ceiling. Despite the size of the fan, it is energy star efficient and easy to install, giving you enough time to start enjoying comfort.

The dc motor also operates in reverse, enabling the flow of hot air throughout the room. Adjust the speed relative to the changes in temperature. A quiet model gives you the time to enjoy your relaxing moment peacefully. In one of the rare occasions, you will only hear of air circulating the room like a passing wind.

Desiring Aspects

The remote control and the traditional pull chains add to the ease within which you can control fan speed both remotely and from wall control panel.

Take advantage of the 100% satisfaction guarantee alongside a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and add value to your outdoor.

Challenging Aspects

You will not enjoy any light coming from this product because it has no provision for light.

5. Best for Small Outdoor: Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

Best for Small Outdoor

Honeywell Duval is a cute ceiling fan that will work well in your small room or pouch. The petal-like fan blades blow enough air to reach a capacity of 5022 CFM, leaving your outdoor with a cool breeze. It is one of the most straightforward fans to install because of its "Quick 2 Hang "installation system. The blades easily attach to the motor as well as eliminate all difficulties during the installation.

Control the airflow system by installing the 4-speed outdoor fan that you can adjust as temperature changes. When winter sets in, reverse the fan blades, and use the same fan to maintain the desired temperature. The product is so silent that even your kids will feel uncomfortable making noise when they find you sleeping under the fan in the foyer.

Desiring Aspects

You will always have the freedom to mount the outdoor fan using any of the three mounting options. Choose the close mount, attach it to a downrod, or use the angled option.

The tropical design on the fan blade easily complements most of the interior designs that are modern and classic.

Challenging Aspects

The airflow rating given by the manufacturer is difficult to attain because of the reportedly slow speed on the fan.

6. Best Double Fan: Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze 74-inch Downrod Ceiling Fan

Best Double Fan

One of the best ceiling fans spanning a massive 74-inch space carries its award with pride. The durability is for the lifetime while it controls the flow of air at the rate of 4450 CFM. The ceiling fan construction is built to impress and to last. The new version utilizes a quiet motor technology. The six brown wicker blades have a sleek appearance and are easy to change, saving you replacement time.

The reversible motor powers the ceiling fan making it one of the stylish outdoor ceiling fans in this category.

Desiring Aspects

The ceiling fan has a light kit inside a frosted glass that illuminates the room with a bright glow. Every time you purchase this product, you will have a 4-inch downrod in the package.

Its sheer size makes it suitable for an extra-large room as it also enhances the beauty of the entire space with an aesthetic wall decor.

Challenging Aspects

Most clients are complaining about the installation duration and the bothering noise levels it produces.

7. Best Smart Ceiling Fans: Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan, 52-inch

Best Smart Ceiling Fans

Yet another contender for the best outdoor smart ceiling fans, the design is world-class and offers unmatched efficiency in airflow and cooling the room or outdoor. Say goodbye to the pull chains as you welcome the calm, cool, and convenient Big Ass Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan. Such a smart ceiling fan must be energy-saving even when it gives an airflow rating of 5604 CFM. The patented electrical (EC) motor uses less energy in comparison to other outdoor ceiling fans.

The whisper-quiet feature of the fan is due to the balancing done at the manufacturing level to avoid misalignment, thus eliminating noise. The airfoils provide the optimal balance for the Big Ass Haiku outdoor ceiling fan.

Desiring Aspects

Accessories such as the infrared remote, mobile applications, voice controls such as Alexa and Google Assistant makes simplified life for you. Speak, and it happens!

Add the outdoor ceiling fans to your home Wi-Fi network for easy management and control. Give your room enough light by adjusting the LED using 16 separate light fixture settings that also emits some warmth.

Challenging Aspects

The fan looks modern and attracts a price that is not friendly to potential clients.

Final Verdict

Ceiling fans are extremely helpful in the hot sunny season if you want to have some comfort in your open air space. The choice of specific ceiling fan model depends on your need and comfort.

If you have a large space or outdoor that needs both light fixture and good air-blow, then Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove or, Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan is a good option.

For small spaces and cool design, you can choose 52-inch Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan or, Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan.

Harbor Twin Breeze 74-inch Downrod Ceiling Fan is incredibly awesome for its durability and value for money.

Alternatively, you can choose from different other wet rated fans like minka aire, home decor, hampton bay, casa vieja, monte carlo maverick, and, buy them from savoy house, or prominence home.

Look for our review of the best outdoor ceiling fans that withstand all weather conditions. Use the buyer's guide to choose the best-reviewed ceiling fan.

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Product Guide

The first thing you need to note down is the kind of outdoor ceiling you want. If you are not sure, contact ceiling fans specialists like Hansen Wholesale [1] who will give an accurate report on your open air space needs. For the outdoor, you will have a choice between the modern, rustic, or leaf styles.

Ceiling Fan Rating

Factors to Consider When Buying Outdoor Ceiling fans

1. Consider Outdoor Usage Ratings

Consider purchasing a model that has a wet rated or damp rated guarantee for protection in wet location and damp location. Outdoor ceiling fans with a wet rated guarantee works well in covered outdoor spaces such as porches to limit exposure to moisture. The damp rated fan models have waterproof materials and are rust-resistant.

2. Size of the Fan

The blade size is also the blade span or the entire diameter of the device. Get the right dimensions of the installation area to create enough clearance between the fan and the nearby walls.

3. Number of Blades

Make sure that when buying an outdoor ceiling fan, it has a minimum of three blades. An additional number depends on your preference. Some blade spin faster, producing a chilly breeze while some blade is slow, producing a massive amount of air, creating a cooling effect.

4. Blade Angle

Blade angle refers to the placement of the blade on its holder. A flat blade pitch may produce a wobbling sound if it operates on a weak motor. The bigger the blade pitch, the more capacity the outdoor ceiling fan has in circulating volumes of air.

5. Speed Settings

Changes in temperature mean that outdoor ceiling fans must have varying speed settings that allow for regulation of air circulation.

6. Does it have a Light Bulb?

Some of the best-rated outdoor ceiling fans come with light bulbs to add more light to the room, improving night visibility. If you need some light, look for ceiling fans with energy-saving LED bulbs and save on energy costs.

7. Construction Material

Outdoor ceiling fans should have durable material housing the delicate components. The best materials should be sturdy and galvanized, or resistant polish applied in case of wooden parts. The plastic housing is a good option if you are on a budget.

8. Warranty

A good ceiling fan should offer a lifetime warranty to boost customer confidence. Since every company offer different warranty and guarantee on various components, make sure you get one that covers your best interest.

Why Trust The Home Impro?

As a buyer, you must ensure that the money you spend is commensurate with the defining features of an outdoor ceiling fan. The thought of owning an outdoor ceiling fan is a good idea if you intend to enhance the aesthetic value of your patio or home deck.

So, we the experts at The Home Impro team evaluated all the best outdoor ceiling fans in the market and have brought up some of the characteristics that should guide you at your ceiling fan purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it possible to use an outdoor ceiling fan indoors?

Outdoor ceiling fans withstand harsh environment, you can also install for indoor use. Only that you cannot use indoor fan outdoors.

2. Can ceiling fans keep flies away?

The draft created by the ceiling fan makes it difficult for insects to fly close by. Remember, cold air makes the place uncomfortable for the insects.

3. How long should an outdoor ceiling fan be on?

Naturally, ceiling fans are made to run for a lifetime with no damage or overheating.


Getting hold of the best outdoor fan is not an easy activity considering the numerous brands and the number of products available. Try to research by going through outdoor ceiling fans reviews to help you come up with an appropriate choice. The moment you land on a ceiling fan of your choice, it is time to start enjoying your outdoor space regardless of the weather.

Hopefully, in this review, our outdoor ceiling fans should aid you in making that last purchasing decision. The study should help you narrow your research to some of the top rated outdoor ceiling fans. Figure out what you want so that the final product gets to do its work efficiently.


[1] Hansen Wholesale

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