6 Best Portable Washing Machines Reviews 2022

The idea of fully automated washing machine is difficult when you decide to move on to another place or another house. The preset fixation of the machine on the wall makes it difficult to move when needed. In such cases, the idea of purchasing one of the best portable washing machines to accompany you to your next stop is a great option.

Further, the intention of using open washers and waiting in the queue may sent chills on your spine. If you are always on the move and the idea of spending the better part of your day there can be self-destructing.

Best Portable Washing Machine

Countless posts on portable washing machines reviews have a product guide section explaining the must have features of these products. Before making the final decision, you may go through this guide with top rated best portable washers review and decided to buy one of these. So far so good, keep scrolling.

Our Picks

1. The Best Brand for Multiple Loads Portable Machine: Giantex Portable Mini Compact Washing Machine

2. The Best Overall: Giantex Full-Automatic Portable Washing Machine

3. Best for Apartments: Portable Compact Washer Twin Tub Laundry Machine and Spin Dry Cycle

4. Best Manual Option that is Best for Camping: Lavario Portable Clothes Washer

5. Best Mini Portable Washing Machine: The Laundry Alternative Wonder wash Non-electric Mini Washing Machine

6. Best High End: HomGarden Full-Automatic Washing Machine

Best Brand for Multiple Loads

Best Overall

Best for Apartments

Best Portable Washing Machine Brand For Multiple Loads
Best Portable Washing Machine Overall
Best Portable Washing Machine for Apartments



Best Choice

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Washer - Twin Tub Washing Machine 17.6lbs Washer Spain Spinner Portable Washing Machine, Blue+ White

Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine Portable Compact 1.34 Cu.ft Laundry Washer Spin with Drain Pump, 10 programs 8 Water Level Selections with LED Display 9.92 Lbs Capacity

Best Choice Products Portable Compact Washer - Twin Tub Washing Machine & Spin Dry Cycle w/Hose, 13lbs Capacity - White/Gray

Perfect solution for your compact environment. Suitable in dorms, condominiums, motorhomes, apartments, camping, RV’s, and many more.

This equipment has an overall convenience settings making it ideal for anyone using it to feel comfortable. It has an automatic imbalance adjustment while washing.

An efficient and high-performance portable washing machine ideal for road trips or a small living room such as apartments.

The 6 Best Portable Washing Machines Review

Picking the best washing machine is a tricky business that is why we have highlighted what we consider the best for the year 2022. From the list of comfee portable washing machine reviews, we hope that your search for the best washing machine ends today.

1. The Best Brand for Multiple Loads Portable Washing Machine: Giantex Portable Mini Compact Top Load Washer

Best Brand for Multiple Loads Portable Washing Machine

The Giantex Portable Mini Compact Washing Machine is the perfect solution for your compact environment. The twin tabs will help sort out your washing and spin dryer tasks. It has a washing capacity of handling 10lbs capacity of wash and 6 lbs. of spinning. Draining excess water from the load washer is no longer a problem because it has a draining tube. The product features two timers, one for the wash tab and the other for the spinning operations. Make use of the portable washer by ensuring that clothes and water should not fill beyond the 11lbs.

The automatic washer is perfect in environments such as dorms, condominiums, motorhomes, apartments, camping, RV’s, and many more. You only need to spare 15-minutes of your time washing and 5-minutes doing the spinning. The timer settings give you more freedom every time you think of doing your laundry. When it comes to Giantex Portable Compact Mini Washing Machine, you will never be wrong because it is an excellent choice of traveling and camping. The overall weight of the machine is 17.6lbs.

Desiring Aspects

Portability is the alternative name for the portable washing machines because of its weight you can move it around. Its compact nature allows its placement in a small space.

You can set the self-timer on the washing tabs and let the machine do its work and when the wash cycle is over, it automatically turns off.

Challenging Aspects 

The connecting hoses are not as reliable as the manufacturer explains. Another aspect that did not impress our experts is the lack of automation when water fills up. Somebody has to be present to turn off the taps.

2. The Best Overall: Giantex Full-Automatic Portable Washing Machine

Best Portable Washing Machine Overall

The Giantex Full-Automatic Portable Washing Machine covers an area of about 1.34-cubic feet with 10 programs settings, 8 water level points, and an LED displaying washing progress. The washer has a capacity of 9.92lbs. The equipment has convenience settings making it ideal for anyone using it to feel comfortable. The features include a sea through the lid, controls with LED display, stainless steel construction, and two water pipes. The two pipes take water in and out of the inner tub simplifying the draining process.

Water level control based on previous washing will display on the LED showing the amount of time left. You can as well set an appropriate level depending on the laundry load of the day. You can also add cold water as washing continues by pressing the water or spin levels. The buttons respond on pressing, stop pressing and the command stops.

Desiring Aspects 

The system allows for an automatic imbalance adjustment while washing. If the laundry load is not well balanced inside the tub, it will cause some vibration on the washer and sets the automatic adjustment timer into action.

The machine occupies a small space but with a large capacity to handle large loads per cycle is amazing. The reason behind this capacity is the honeycomb design of the tub.

Challenging Aspects 

The product does not mix detergents thoroughly unless you use liquid detergents. The customer help desk does not respond to matters as soon as possible.

3. Best for Apartments: Portable Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine and Spin Cycle

Best Washing Machine for Apartments

You need a 13lbs capacity Portable Twin Tub Laundry Machine to handle your laundry load and dry them simultaneously. The load capacity for the inner tub is 8lbs and the spin dryer section is 5lbs. If you are in a hurry, you can wash and dry laundry on the go. The timer on the washer allows for up to 15-minutes per wash cycle while the spin takes 5-minutes. The natural design of the portable washing machines uses a gravity drain system to let the dirty water off the tub automatically. The inbuilt filter prevents air and lint from heading backward during draining.

The spinning or drying tub has a stainless steel construction on the inner walls to complete the product’s hygiene design. The stainless steel helps prevent the formation of mildew due to accumulated water.

Desiring Aspects 

Its compact design attests to its portability giving it a lightweight and space-saving design. The product is ideal for road trips or in a small living room such as apartments.

You want a powerful laundry companion but with low noise. At 300W, it has gone through an ETL certification for safety, low noise emission. It also has secure cover protection keeping you away from danger.

Challenging Aspects

The plastic components of the equipment are fragile forcing you to be extremely cautious when using the washer.

4. Best Manual Option that is Best for Camping: Lavario Portable Clothes Washer

Best Portable Washing Machine for Camping

The next time you take your family on a camping experience, you can carry Lavario Portable Clothes Washer for convenience. The Lavario washing machine is one of the best in the market today because of the patented power flow technology that drives cold water through the fabric during the cleaning process. You do not need to strain your arms because gravity does the work on the down stroke as buoyancy makes upstroke easy. Therefore, you have so much time and energy to save.

Your washing should be as simple as filling water to mix up the detergent, put the laundry load in the basket, let the patented up and down motion do the washing, and finally drain the unit and rinse. The last stage in the laundry is to take the laundry to the drying rack or the clothesline. The washer is suitable for use on baby clothes, fine fabrics, cabins, RV’s and apartments. The total weight of the washing machine is roughly 14lbs.

Desiring Aspects 

Lavario portable washing machine uses an advanced patent technology that takes water out from the fabric carrying with it amazing cleaning action. With minimal contact, the fabric comes out of the washer while sparkling. Gravity and buoyancy make the entire washing process possible by controlling the upstroke and down stroke easily.

Buying this washer means, you are taking part in an eco-friendly environmental campaign because the device is non-electric using an easy up and down motion to manage the cleaning process.

Challenging Aspects 

The handles and locks on the basket are fragile and users should be very careful while using it.

5. Best Mini Portable Washing Machine: The Laundry Alternative Wonder wash Non-electric Mini Washing Machine

Best Mini Portable Washing Machine

The Laundry Alternative Wondrwash is a manually powered portable washer with enough power to clean clothes. The portable washing machine is coming out as a revolutionary machine fit for the future generations who are obsessing on clean green energy. The compact nature of its design makes it applicable in apartments, camping sites, RV living, cabins, and any person who washes clothes in small load. The whole washer weighs 6lbs and has the largest laundry capacity in its class. The cleaning process takes between 1 and 2 minutes and within 2 months, you should start recovering the money you spent when buying.

The patent-pending lid snaps on and off in one motion when closing or opening the main washing tub. The overall design is simple and designed to last longer than a typical electronic portable washing machine.

Desiring Aspects 

Wonder Wash is the best alternative way of cleaning your clothes because it handles garments gently. The washer does not have any electronic component, therefore no chance of your laundry ever snapping.

Challenging Aspects 

The plastic frame holding the barrel does not offer enough strength and users should be very careful while using it.

6. Best High End: HomGarden Full-Automatic Washing Machine

Best High End Portable Washing Machine

With a weight of 10lbs, the top-loading multi-functional portable laundry washing machine can fit in small spaces as well. Buy a fully automatic and silent performer that only needs you to set it and it does the rest. Has a large washing and spinning capacity. The inner tub assumes a honeycomb shape to load up to 10lbs per load. The equipment is a high-end portable washing machine that is easy to operate because of the availability of the operation manual.

Desiring Aspects 

The multifunctional programs are listed on the control panel enabling anyone to operate the machine. The 10 choosing programs and 8 water levels should meet your needs. For example, pressing the water level/spin button gives an option of setting the water level in the tub.

The product has so many convenient functions to make your work easier yet the overall design allows easy movement and placement in confined spaces.

Challenging Aspects

Given its powerful motor, the washer is not as silent as manufacturer claims.

Best portable washing machines are handy and you can use it when you go camping, and enjoy outdoor activities with clean dry clothes with your family.

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Product Guide

We have taken some of the best portable washing machines and put them on this guide to help you reach the final purchase decision. Maybe you have taken some steps to read reviews from other websites like Consumer Report [1] but still curious. We also have some things about the portable washers that you need to reflect upon.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Portable Washing Machine

1. List Your Needs 

When you get inside a shop like Walmart [2] that sells washing machines look for a product that will help tick off all your immediate needs. The type of clothes you have will guide your decision-making process. Keenly asses your laundry needs by looking at the features of every portable washing machine.

2. Budget

How much are you willing to spend for a portable washing machine? A quick research on portable washing machine reviews will give you an idea on the kind of washer that is affordable. The cost of the machine determines the speed as well.

3. Power Consumption 

A portable washing machine can be electric or battery powered. The portable washing machines are dependable. Therefore, identify ones with an energy-efficient badge to check on your utility bills wherever you choose to go.

4. Size

The focus may be on the compact design of a portable washing machine. Since you are concerned about being on the move, do not pick a size that is too small or too big for you. Pick a reasonable size that can pick most of your laundry load in a single cycle.

5. Durability 

Flimsy products will cost you more in repairs with a possibility of replacements too soon. Familiarize yourself with various brands from different stores like Best Buy [3] and get to know the strengths and weaknesses of products that interest you.

6. Extra Features 

Some features are standard on the best portable washer including the ones with a compact build. Extra features include options like, power, drainage, anti-wrinkle, and control buttons.

Buying Guide 

Though the laundry takes most of your time, yet there is no way to overlook it. The idea of getting the best portable washing machine is inevitable whether you have the time, money, and space. This guide offers to take you through some of the things you should know about the portable washing machine.

How did we review/test the product?

1. Capacity 

The fact that you are looking for a portable washing machine points to the fact that you are looking for something that can handle a sizeable load of laundry for every cycle. Some laundry washing machines may look small but does so much.

2. Efficiency 

Are you looking to save on money when thinking of a portable washing machine? If that is the case, you have two options. One looks for a manual non-electric washing machine or one that uses electric power but has a certification to prove efficiency and favorable for domestic use. Some of the most advanced portable washers use highly effective motors but do not consume so much power to leave you with a huge utility bill.

3. Smart Functions

A reliable washing machine should not only be easy to carry and portable but also the smart features that makes it premium. An analysis was done on the washers in our review and sees which ones have integrated smart functions on its interface. For example, some washers only need 15-20 minutes to do a cleaning and have an LED that you can use to set the washing and twisting timer. Other smart functions include adding or changing the water levels, automatic balancing when you fail to align the clothes in the washing chamber.

4. Product Weight

All the products in this review had to go through a weighing test to see the relationship between its weight, capacity, and portability. The six portable washing machines on the list have varying weights and load capacity with the good news being, you can move them from one place to another comfortably.

Alternatively you can buy Panda Portable Washing Machine / Panda Compact Washer from Home Depot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much water does a portable washing machine use?

A standard portable washing uses between 10 and 15 gallons of water per cycle, enough proof that portable washer does not increase your water bill.

2. Can I easily move my portable washing machine?

Moving your machine depends on its size and weight. In most cases, a portable washing machine should weigh around 40lbs with a relatively smaller size. That implies you can easily move your washer from one corner to the other.

3. How much detergent do you use in a portable washing machine?

A laundry pod or half a cup of detergent should be enough for a single load of laundry.


A portable washing machine is a handy device for those who live alone or for a person with a small family and living with kids. A person keen on space for a washing machine can as well look for a portable washing machine. Campers and road trip fanatics now have an idea of how convenient the best portable washing machine can be.

You have read the guide on our portable washer reviews. Use the information to help you iron out any problems because you too need the best portable washing machine. Your feedback on this buyer’s guide and portable washing machines reviews is welcome. Kindly use the comment section below.


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[2] Walmart

[3] Best Buy

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