Best Stackable Washer Dryer 2022

Technology has been doing way better so far to draw mankind to the upper layer of comfort. Changes have been made in the cleaning technologies and it is now much more convenient than many previous options.

There are many types of washing machines in the market: manual, automatic, electric, portable, single load, multiple loads, combo, and stackable, etc. If you fall into a happy and heavy user segment, you need to do a lot of laundries every single day. Choosing a light portable or combo washing machine may not be suitable for your heavy use. In that case, using a separate washer and dryer may give you the best washing results. To make a good pair, choosing the best stackable washer dryer is necessary.

Best Stackable Washer Dryer

Throughout six stackable washer and dryer reviews, we will be investigating some of the top-leading brands and their products based on critical analysis. If you look at the washing machine technology, you are sure of picking up at least one best stackable washer dryer considering your preference or workload.

Best Overall

Best Budget

Best High-Capacity

Best Overall Stackable Washer Dryer
Best Budget Stackable Washer Dryer
Best High-Capacity Stackable Washer Dryer




500 Series White Front Load Compact Laundry Pair with WAT28401UC 24 Washer and WTG86401UC 24 Electric Condensation Dryer

Bosch WAT28400UC 300 2.2 Cu. Ft. White Stackable Front Load Washer - Energy Star

LG Electronics WM8100HVA Front Load Washer & LG DLEX8100V Front Load Electric Dryer

This Compact Laundry Pair facilitates an enormous cavity of 22 cu ft, stainless steel-featured drum, 15 washing cycles, and eco-silence motor with the help of which you can have your messy clothes cleaned and dried up within a little while.

Associating simple installation with compact laundry solution, the dryer offers the option of a reversible door to enhance ease of use and multiple installation choices.

This set of electric dyer and washer is undoubtedly going to be building a perfect pair, because this combination washes and dries clothing in a very quiet mode that you can’t even observe them running.

The 6 Best Stackable Washer Dryer Review

1. 500 Series White Front Load Compact Laundry Pair with WAT28401UC 24 Washer and WTG86401UC 24 Electric Dryer

Best Overall Stackable Washer Dryer

To reduce physical stress on doing clothes every day, you just need something that can offer the best service being friendly to doing and drying the fabrics properly. 500 Series White Front Load Washer along with high profile Electric Condensation Dryer from Bosch will be the quality addition to your laundry piles.

This Compact Laundry Pair facilitates an enormous cavity of 22 cu ft, stainless steel-featured drum, 15 washing cycles, and eco-silence motor with the help of which you can have your messy clothes cleaned and dried up within a little while.

Desiring Aspects

  • This washer-cum-dryer unit does clothes like a professional hand. You just have to put the right proportion of fabric-suitable detergent or softener to support the washer in the cleaning cycle, and then dry the clothes off in the dryer.
  • They’re designed to wash and dry a great deal of stuff in a single load.
  • Fifteen different washing cycles allow you to clean your clothing according to the fabric demand.
  • Noise proof operation causes no disturbance in your activity.
  • Emergency turn off option comes into action at any incident.

Challenging Aspects 

  • This combo comparatively consumes more energy.
  • It takes up a little larger space because of the separate washer and dryer.
  • Front-load washers are unfriendly for back-pain and waist-pain patients.

2. Electrolux Titanium Front Load Laundry Pair with EFLS627UTT 27 Washer and EFME627UTT 27 Electric Dryer

Best Front Load Laundry Pair

When you get your delicate clothing faded or shrunk after thorough evaporation in the sun, you must be thinking the fault lies in the fabric or poor manufacturing. No, this is not a quality investigation because all delicate fabrics are allergic to the sun.

To dry all types of your clothing indoor, Electrolux Titanium has introduced a high profile dryer along with a wonderful washing unit. The washer has a smart-boost option which is effectively capable of removing stains by premixing water and detergent before the cycle starts. That means you’ll find your clothing with no crud can be producing or seen.

Again, the washer circulates the steam throughout from the bottom, unlike many other washers. By setting the fast wash, you’ll have your clothes washed precisely in less than 15 minutes.

Desiring Aspects 

  • The washer maximizes the power of detergents by premixing them before the main operation.
  • The dryer works so efficiently that it hardly crumples the clothes.
  • Since they have a vast cavity inside them, they can wash and dry a large amount of clothing.
  • It consumes comparatively less energy and uses less water either.

Challenging Aspects 

  • Both the washer and dryer get noisier during the spinning cycle.
  • It is quite a bit difficult to level the washer with the floor as it comes with no platform.

3. Electrolux Front Load Steam EFLS627UIW 27" Washer with EFME627UIW 27" Electric Dryer and 2X EPWD257UIW Pedestal Laundry Pair in White

Best Pedestal Laundry Pair

Another awesome feature from Electrolux is EFLS627UIW 27” Front-Load White Washer with Dryer and Pedestal laundry pair which is one of the latest additions in the washing technology.

This exclusive unit offers a deep clean by combining improved actions like smart load sensing and temperature control. It features the industry’s first adaptive dispenser that accepts detergent packs for letting you ease up on cleaning with all detergent types for a thorough clean. After that, by premixing water with detergent and fabric softener, it gives the clothes an affectionate touch and handles tougher dirt and stains with the upper hand with perfect bottom to top steam.

If you are in a hurry wanting your clothes washed quickly, you definitely can have it with the help of Electrolux washer within 15 minutes along with smart boost technology and a sanitized option capable of killing up to 99% bacteria and 95% allergens.

Desiring Aspects 

  • Smart boost option operates at various measures to perfectly clean the clothing like premixing, temperature control, load sensing, etc.
  • The 15-min fast wash will help get the clothes washed within a shorter period.
  • It is 100% noise-proof meaning that it’s suitable for any place.
  • 10-year motor warranty and lifetime tub warranty assure you of being backed by a 10-year motor and lifetime tub warranty.

Challenging Aspects

  • It’s a little costlier for its built-in value.
  • Except for the motor and tub, you can enjoy a limited warranty for other parts.

4. Best Budget Stackable Compact Washer: Bosch WAT28400UC 300 2.2 Cu. Ft. White Stackable Front Load Washer - Energy Star

Best Budget Stackable Compact Washer

When you are wandering in search of a high-profile laundry pair that will fit your smaller space and can be installed stacked, side by side, on a pedestal, under the counter, or even in the closet, no need to roam along any longer as Bosch has introduced a best rated stackable washer and dryer unit to the market which will offer you the best quality wash and dry.

Associating simple installation with compact laundry solution, the dryer offers the option of a reversible door to enhance ease of use and multiple installation choices; besides, condensation drying efficiently reduces drying time, condensing the moisture faster meaning that with ventless installation, this feature eliminates the necessity of any external ducting/venting and blower to exhaust hot air.

Desiring Aspects 

  • Energy Star qualified, resulting in huge cost saving
  • No water leakage risk because of AquaStop Plus and AquaShield water leak protection system
  • Build-in condensation drying technology requiring no external ducting/venting
  • EcoSilence motor letting this best stackable washer dryer feature cause no noise
  • SpeedPerfect providing up to 50% faster washing time compared to previous versions

Challenging Aspects

  • Mildew smell issuing
  • Requiring comparatively larger vent
  • bringing about huge noise and vibration due to mis-adjustments in installation

5. Best High-Capacity: LG WM8100HVA 5.2 cu. ft. Mega Capacity TurboWash Washer with Steam Technology in Graphite Steel

Best High-Capacity Stackable Washer Dryer

If you want the best washer, you’ve got to have a front loader as it is way stronger than a traditional top loader. However, when you need to get a lot of clothing done with the least hassle, no worries! Thanks to LG mega capacity washer for its 5.2 cu. ft. vast cavity and some of the outstanding washing features that help you do your king size bedding in one load. Fill the dispenser with bleach, fabric softener, and detergents for pre-wash and main wash and enjoy doing heavy to delicate duties.

Very few of the best stackable washer dryer units do handle stains as this TurboWash washer does, and its thorough steam removes tough soil by premixing detergent with softener or washing pods. Not only it cleans piles of clothes, but also it proves very gentle with delicate garments at the same time.

With the help of the load sensing process, the washer calculates the size of the load, the amount of water; it’ll then display the estimated time it’ll take to finish washing the load.

When you stack LG 9.0 cu. ft. electric dyer with the washer, you are undoubtedly going to be building a perfect pair because of this combination washes and dries clothing in a very quiet mode that you can’t even observe them running.

Another common reason why you ought to buy this pair is that the washer has six different washing actions and 14 washing options depending on the cycle you choose and the motor’s ability to change the direction very quickly. On the other hand, using 14 drying cycles and 11 drying options, the dryer gives you a perfect ending.

Desiring Aspects 

  • Having 14 different washing cycles allowing you to do the clothes like a professional
  • 5.2 cu. ft. bowl capacitating it to wash heavy duty
  • Being one of the best stacked washer dryer, running with no shaking noticed

Challenging Aspects 

  • Consuming more energy and water to run the load
  • Manufacturer’s under warranty service being a bit slower

6. GE White Laundry Pair with GTW330ASKWW 27" Top Load Washer and GTD33EASKWW 27" Front-Load Electric Dryer

Best GE White Laundry Pair

Are you desirous of bringing a milk-white washing pair? Here you’ve entered the right place. GE has engineered such a kind of white laundry pair with a 27” top load washer and 27” front load electric dryer having a stunning outer complexion and strong inner region for giving your favorite clothes a magical touch.

With the most effective stain-checking feature, the washer together with the pods or detergent touches the clothes in a very gentler way. Being a top loader, the washer creates a whirl of mixed washing packs around the center and slightly removes the grim soil from them by being friendly with the fabric.

Probably you are passing a very difficult time with your present washer and dryer with one being very good, then another proving worthless. Well, when you are at the laundry doing crisis, this pair will certainly do an admiring job giving your invested money some true meaning.

Desiring Aspects 

  • Vast cavity and deep rinse, creating the cycle from the sidewall, convince dirt to leave the clothes.
  • It consumes little energy and water to operate the load.
  • You won’t notice any sleep-breaking noise or vibration from this unit.

Challenging Aspects

  • This pair comparatively takes more time to finish washing the clothes.
  • The top and front load puzzles sometimes leave the owner frustrated.
  • This pair takes more space as the dryer can’t be set on top of the washer.

Six best stackable washer dryer models of 2022 with the latest features manifesting strong performance from dirt to dry cycle demonstration; click for more insights.

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Product Guide

Before starting our stacked washer dryer reviews, we would like to focus on some of the key factors that you must determine first.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Portable Washing Machine

1. Purpose

First of all, you must decide why you need a certain kind of model, and for what sort of work you need it. Remember, different models offer you different work types. Then, which type do you like to install like stackable laundry pair, front load, top load, inverter technology, which one would you like to install?

2. Size

Then comes where you are going to install the washer like on a pedestal, under the counter, or in the closet? Measure the niche size accordingly. Otherwise, you have to face difficulties with the odd combinations. Remember different laundry pairs require different vent sizes, electric outlets, etc. Plus, placement is important for getting sufficient water to wash the clothes and drain the water properly.

3. Energy Issue

Depending on the brands and models, the washing pairs consume different volumes. If you buy an inverter technology or energy-saving washer, it will contribute less to the energy bill.

4. Safety Measure

To keep yourself away from the risk zone, at first, Follow the instruction manual. Despite that, if you are still confused about installing or cleaning the washing machine, take a professional’s help.

5. Washer Cost

The more you want the best stackable washer dryer version from the high-profile brands, the more you have to count more dollars. At the same, if you are going to install an inverter technology washer, here you also have to spend more money.

Buying Guide

After reviewing all the best stackable washer dryers, we would say all the products we have discussed are the best in the grade of durability, energy consumption, versatility, and performance. Moreover, owing to the workload and family members, you don’t need certain types. In this segment, we are going to help you pick the best one.

1. Smaller Family

If your family consists of two or three members with a kid, and you are thinking about what kind of washing pair you should install, from the first 4 stackable washer dryer reviews, we will suggest buying the first or the fourth one. One of the Bosch models will do a great job for you.

2. Huge or Frequent Load Requirement

When you need to do a huge amount of clothing in a single cycle, you must install LG mega version, one of the best stackable washer and dryer models with all new features installed. On the other hand, for frequent use, you have to go for one of the Electrolux models as they do clothes way better in rush situations.

3. Light Load

If you do the clothes once or twice a week or you get a little clothing to wash, you would rather choose the first or last one. Though the last one from GE will take more time to do the clothes, this unit is perfect for the dirt removal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which is better? Top-loading washing machine or front-loading washing machine?

Well, there is no straightforward answer to that question. It depends on multiple factors and buyers’ choices. While someone picks up the front loader, another prefers using a top loader. Front-loaders save water but are rather expensive. Top loaders are more convenient to use as you don’t need to bend to load and unload the top loader.

2. What damages clothes more, the washer, or the dryer?

It all depends on your use. If you wash or dry delicate clothes with a heavy load, or if you wash your heavier fabric with delicate fabric, or white clothing with colored clothing, or excessive use of laundry booster/detergent, etc., there are chances of your garments getting damaged.


Having swum through the huge depth of time, the washing technology has come to this point of advancement. Versions over versions have been gone through the multitudinous process and been tried out to achieve the uttermost success. Right now, the result has reached the best stackable washer dryer condition and is still being under a thirsty desire to introduce newer versions in this field.

Now, upgradation is an endless procedure where the older ones are infused with the latest ones. With these six top-rated stackable washer and dryer reviews, we can hold at least a hope of letting you know the market position and upcoming technical flow of the washing machine technology.

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