Does Microwave Make My Food Unhealthy?

Whatever cooking method you follow, we have to say that some reduction in food properties must occur. Let’s compare a conventional oven and a microwave. Which way will you prefer? No matter which device you are following, both are dedicated to electromagnetic energy.

Where a conventional oven utilizes low-frequency microwaves, a microwave oven applies radio waves and infrared radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum for heating the food.

As a result of that, some molecular changes happen which lightly decrease the food property, specifically vitamin C. Do you think that this only happens in the microwave?

No, it is regardless of microwaves, stove, hearth, etc. So, to gain something, you have to sacrifice something to lead a healthy life. Otherwise, as we were discussing the pre-fire period, you have to go a million years before for reviving the raw-cuisine theory.

To sum it up, never get worried anymore using microwave ovens; feel free to use them. If the microwave oven made our food unhealthy, it would be nipped in the bud in its infancy.

Are There Any Harmful Effects of Using a Microwave?

Not only microwaves but also all other electronic gadgets will show their harmful effect if any indiscipline appears whether it is caused by you or electrical disfunction.

Excessive use of any kind of electronic device can lead you to a chronic stage, and it is for every single device because one thing is working behind this stuff that we can’t see is Radiation. Radiation, in one word, is harmful regarding its intensity.

So, if you are going to live constantly on microwaved food, that will invite many harmful elements to nest in your body.

Studies show that radiation can cause spontaneous abortion; a shift in red white-blood-cell counts; increased somatic mutation in lymphocytes; and childhood cancer.

But these are not only for microwaves but also for other electronic devices.

Never cook/heat baby food in the microwave anymore. Stay far away from the microwave while it is running.

There are also some difficulties of using microwave oven:

  • Baby food can’t be cooked or heated in microwaves
  • Excessive use of microwaves can trigger some harmful chemicals to activate
  • Plastic cookware can’t be used in microwaves because of leaching out plasticizer
  • Leakage in the microwaves can’t easily be found
  • Microwave radiation is harmful, so the user has to keep him/herself far away
  • Sometimes food, after microwaving, is found cooked unevenly

Microwaved Foods and Relation to Cancer

Some valuable research on finding the cancerous agent in microwave ovens has been done. Some of them are very convincing for us in terms of using microwave ovens.

But remember overuse of any device can circle us around the cancer hole. And again, cancer is a constellation of over 200 different diseases.

The gist point of all research is the wave frequency of microwave ovens is much lower to cause cancer. The wave frequency that a microwave oven uses is roughly 2,450 megahertz (2.45 gigahertz).

Many people are wondering if microwaves can affect DNA structure just like UV radiation. Damaged DNA has been seen to be involved with cancer incidents.

However, microwave radiation can result in changes in DNA structure. But the maximum frequency and the power of microwave ovens have been approved and tested to operate at are much lower than this amount of exposure.

To make it clearer, microwaves are simply low-energy electromagnetic waves that DO NOT have an effect at the atomic level. They are unable to remove electrons from atoms or any other molecules which are the requirements for cancer-causing agents. Microwaves simply generate thermal energy which is heat.

After all, we can say one thing microwave ovens never cause cancer directly. This is a piece of good news for microwave users. Microwaves are time-saving; they never bring about hazards if we use them properly. But keep your babies and baby food thousands of miles away from the microwave.

Bottom Line:

A microwave oven is super time-saving, environment friendly, and dedicated to maintaining food grade. But do not solely get dependent on the microwave. Give your stoves some tasks and keep yourself fit. Again and again, we are emphasizing just one thing keep your babies and baby food thousand miles away from the microwave.

Shane Quaashie

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