Does the Microwave Oven Consume More Electricity?

First thing first, the higher the wattage of the oven goes, the faster food cooks because more energy is produced. Consequently, the shorter the time is consumed, the less your oven will contribute to the energy bill.

Generally, when talking about the energy consumption of microwaves, we have to draw our attention to the major parts of the oven which consume a large amount of electricity. Three components to be considered:

  1. Magnetron: It generates energy to heat food.
  2. Waveguide: It is hidden in the wall and directs the energy to the food.
  3. Chamber: It holds the food and safely contains microwave radiation.

Energy consumed by the microwave ranges from 500 watts to up to 1500 watts or so regarding which model you are using. Still, the people who are using some of the older versions of the microwave have to pay more energy bills than the users of the newer versions.

The reason is at that time the manufacturers did not emphasize the energy consumption of the microwave. Their main target was to introduce the buyers to the latest flavor of the microwave. They did so, and that is usual in every case. After that, they focused on the other issues of the microwave school.

One thing to be concerned about here, no matter whether the microwave is running or not, if you keep the switch on all the time, your microwave will be draining the energy.

So, as soon as your work is done, just unplug your oven or switch your oven off. Otherwise, it will keep consuming 5-10 watts even though you are not using it. Moreover, it is so much harmful to the three parts of the oven that we discussed earlier.

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