How Can I Use My Kitchen Mixer and Not Have the Ingredients Fly Everywhere?

Sometimes, it is very irritating when we find our neat kitchen dusty after a mixing mission, and that does not allow us to involve in further missions.

Even the situation sometimes gets so acute that when we come out of the kitchen, our other family members get so frightened to see our frightening faces covered with floury makeup.

Are you thinking of throwing the mixer out of work? Probably that’s not the solution. The revolutionary movement of flour or so will remain constant. Though some new models have covering shields to protect the flour from shooting across the room. But what can you do if you don’t own the latest model or if you already have an older version?

You can get rid of this floury revolution by taking the help of some coverings. Most preferably, you can use a heavy towel, a piece of cloth, etc. which should be able to cover the whole mixer during the operation.

Be careful to keep some space between the machine and the covering. Otherwise, in a moment, the covering will be swallowed up by the mixer.

Or, you can do the job in such a place where dusting is easier; a small room consisting of little stuff is the best for the course. First, shut the door and then start mixing. Now, let the flour fly freely in the room as flour has the liberty to fly.

Be sure to cover your mouth with a mask every time you do this type of work.

Samuel Adler

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