How Much Water Does a Washing Machine Use?

Well, it depends on which model you are using. After evolving through a range of versions and some new criteria, engineers thought about how to reduce water usage in washers. From this thought, they brought up some newer trial versions resulting that these washers have consumed 10 times less water than the older versions with no variation. Moreover, they proved to have more cleaning power and are fabric-friendly in their performance.

So, let’s make a distinction between the two types:

Standard Washers

It is a top-loading washer that uses a vertical tub that requires a vast volume of water to sluice out the tub for cleaning.

Throughout the cycle, this model initially consumed water ranging from 45-47 gallons (170-177 L) with a bit of change in the following versions ranging around 40 gallons. Those have persisted for a long time. We can notice a dramatic change in the latest models of this group that require 9 gallons (around 34 L).

High-Efficiency Washers

A front or top loading washer in this group becomes more efficient nowadays because of its water-saving as well as energy-saving capability.

It, with consuming little energy and water, does clothes more efficiently than the former versions. But it has taken years to get to the present stage. At first, it drank 13-30 gallons (49-113 L) of water to wash the clothes. But now, highly efficient washers have proved their best by consuming only 4-5 gallons (15-18 L) of water to do the same task as their predecessors did.

Hopefully, you can catch the main gist of the point. If you are going to purchase a new washer, you will better consider the comparison. That will help you save lots of energy and water. Remember, the more you waste less water, the more you are contributing to the welfare of the environment and mankind.

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