A Short Guide on How to Clean a Washing Machine

Since the washing machine’s inner world is always undergone in the touch of detergent or any other washing materials, it doesn’t require any deep sanitization. Rather you can give it a thorough wash once or twice a year.

For getting wonderful complexion off the machine always, you can use either cleaner or below-mentioned formula. Irrespective of the orientation, you can clean both Front Load Washer and Top Loading Washing Machine. The procedure is almost the same as how to disinfect the washing machine.

If you are seriously chemo-phobic, afraid of giving the machine any chemotherapy (chemical wash) by any of chemical cleaners, follow some natural ways to clean your washer. We will guide you with the below-mentioned steps to give your washer and dryer an awesome wash:

  1. One cup of baking soda
  2. Four cups of vinegar
  3. Pour the solution into the washer
  4. Turn the washer on at the hottest, largest, and longest setting
  5. When the tub gets full of water, stop the cycle for an hour

Now, you have to make another solution for the other parts:

  1. The amount of baking soda will be half of the vinegar.
  2. That means baking soda 1% : vinegar 2%. Prepare the solution for how much you need following the ratio.
  3. Use a toothbrush, sponge, or towel as per the parts.
  4. Wash the lid, dispenser, display, everything with the solution. Be very careful not to wet the electronic parts.
  5. But wash the lint trap with a soapy-warm water solution with a toothbrush.
  6. And if your dryer is a separate one, then use the baking soda and vinegar solution with a soaked towel or microfiber cloth. 
  7. After that, wash the inside of the washer that is still filled with water.
  8. Remove all the gunk that you come to see.
  9. Finally, turn the cycle back on. Let it finish the whole cycle.
  10. If you see any stain still now, clean it with the latter solution. 

Clean a Smelly Washing Machine

What will happen if you are running miles away from your washer because of its odiferous smell? Who will do your garments? Sometimes it so happens your washer drives you off the house, right?

Now, you are wondering what should be done against this stink; otherwise, your nose will any time boycott importing breath. So, you are at a threshold right now seeking an exclusive remedy for soothing the environment of your house. You have got through the right place.

Why Does My Washing Machine Stink?

There are several causes with your washer behind giving off a bad smell, and the causes are manageable if you follow some measures. Let’s see what are the causes:

  • If you keep the gateway of the washer closed after every wash, your washer is totally deprived of breathing air. As a consequence, the droplets inside the washer never get a chance to dry themselves up which helps lots of moisture pocket in the machine.
  • Misuse of the dispenser is another cause of the washer’s reeking. When detergent and softener, as well as other cleaning boosters in the closed dispenser, get mixed with water, lots of reaction will occur. And, over course of time, mildew builds up inside the dispenser.
  • Leaving gasket’s inside unwiped for a long time will create an environment for stink.
  • An unwashed filter is another reason for reeking.
  • When you keep your washed laundry inside the machine for a long time, you are making the situation get worse.

How to Clean Smelly Washing Machine?

First, we will be discussing the precise practice that will prevent you all the time from smelling stinky smells. Here they are:

  • Keep the gateway of the washer open for a while after every wash.
  • Leave the dispenser drawer pulled out for 20 minutes or so. Clean the dispenser when necessary.
  • Wipe moisture or splash on the gasket, door inside with terry.
  • Clean the door gasket regularly and wipe inside the rubber seal.
  • Clean the filter once a week/month.
  • Take your washed laundry out of the washer as soon as they are done.

Second, we’ll be demonstrating how you can get rid of this problem when it has already been reeking a lot. Follow these steps:

  • Put no clothes inside the washer.
  • Turn the washer on at the hottest, largest, and longest setting for running a full cycle.
  • Put two cups of white vinegar into the detergent area. 
  • Run the whole cycle.

Immediately after that, you have to run another cycle:

  • Put a cup of bleach into the dispenser. 
  • Run the whole cycle.
  • Drain and wash the filter.

Do it once a month if you don’t follow the regular measures, and when your clothes give off a bad stench. 

The washer is our everyday companion. After installing the washer, we think that our work is over and we keep enjoying the service of the machine. Sometimes, we forget this machine also requires some maintenance. Never think like that. If you maintain it properly, it will serve you smoothly. Take better care of your washer.

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