How To Remove A Ceiling Fan?

Well, you have taken a DIY project and have been able to install a ceiling fan with all your effort.

You have found out installing a ceiling fan is just like magic. Sometimes you may have to replace an old ceiling fan with a new one. Then removing or uninstalling a ceiling fan becomes necessary.

You can learn how to remove a ceiling fan very easily. But sometimes it needs visual experience to do so as you might not be a professional in this area. Remember electricity is the boss of all technical terms. Therefore, it sometimes kicks off its master, if it finds any scope. So, be very careful to do any electrical task.

Now, we are going to be demonstrating step by step guide on how to remove a ceiling fan.


  • Electric tester
  • Screwdriver
  • Crescent wrench
  • Ladder
  • Pliers etc.

How To Take Down A Ceiling Fan?

Make sure that you have perfectly shut off the electricity to the circuit, and then check, and then double-check it with an electric tester.

Place your ladder under the fan; not straightly below it but a little bit away from the center, so that you can see all through the fan’s junction on the ceiling.

Ball-in-socket style fan uninstallation:

Step 1: At the junction, touching to the ceiling, you will see a cup-shaped cover/canopy that is stuck to the main rod of the fan. Somewhere in on it, you will see one or more screws. Unscrew them first.

Step 2: Disconnect the fan’s wire from the main connection. The fan is hanging from bent rod/bracket from the ceiling supported by a nut and bolt.

Step 3: With the help of a wrench, loosen the nut. Place one of your hands underneath the fan and push the fan a little upwards and secure your position firmly. Then with the other hand, push the bolt to remove it from the junction. That’s all. come downstairs with the fan.

Flush-mounted ceiling fan uninstallation:

Step 1: If you have a flush-mounted ceiling fan, then follow the above-mentioned steps first. Then unscrew the light shade; just after that, the whole shade will slide right off.

Step 2: Go upwards, closer to the junction on the ceiling. Getting to the set screws of the canopy, unscrew them all. The down rod is just hanging bracket.

Step 3: After loosening the canopy; the fan will expose the wires.

Step 4: Disconnect the wires and push the fan to the junction box to unlock it from the bracket. hand the fan over to the member. You are done.

Step 5: See how easy it is to uninstall a ceiling fan. you can remove it, replace it without any hardship. There are many decorative fans on the market that you can mount on your ceiling for increasing the aesthetic value.

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