Washing Machine Repair – A Short Guide to Washer & Dryer Repair

When it comes to the washing machine, we get some very usual problems. People come up with:

  • Washing Machine Making Noise When Spinning
  • Washing Machine Knocking Noise When Agitating
  • How Do I Repair a Washing Machine That is Leaking Water?
  • What Should I Do if My Washing Machine Won’t Drain?

The very first advice we give is to hand the problem over to the manufacturer. To avail this, you have to check the warranty card of the washing machine or dryer. If your machine is under warranty, then ask the manufacturer to fix the problem.

Secondly, if the machine is not under warranty, then call upon a professional mechanic who has experience in repairing the washing machine/dryer. In hiring a mechanic, you always have to have at some understanding of the problem occurred in the machine. Because if you are not aware of the problem, the mechanic may guide you through some unnecessary expenses.

Finally, in answering “How to Fix a Washing Machine?”, if you feel that you have a sufficient amount of knowledge for the repair of the washing machine/dryer, you can follow the below description that will help you to find a solution. Remember to try these steps only and only when you are sure about what you are doing.

Washer Repair

  1. Disassemble your washing machine, if it has an internal disease, according to the manual because different types come up with different assembly.
  2. If you notice your washer is not running or stops midway, the most probable cause is a damaged lid or door switch. So, replace the lid/door switch.
  3. Suddenly you come up with hearing the sound of take-off from your washer, and the noise gets louder and louder when your unit is going into a spin. Or, if your clothes come out with grey spots on them. Furthermore, by pulling your washer out from the wall and tip it a little bit back, see underneath. If you see any oil leakage on the floor or the cabinet of the washer from the inside. Then we better say your washer has bad transmission or gear case disease. Replace the bad transmission instantly.
  4. If you find any indiscipline in the whole cycle like spin precedes washing or any other indiscipline, then there is machine control board dysfunction—never be confused with display/switchboard—placed under the top lid or somewhere inside the back panel. Replace the control board.
  5. The drain pump problem prevents the inside water from coming out. The most probable reasons are a penny or pin or any other solid debris that will get through the drain pump and wreck the impeller; the motor is just crushed, and the drain pump starts leaking. In all these cases, the motor stops working. Which means you have to change the drain pump.

What Are Your Tips to Fix a Shaking Washing Machine?

Overloaded or off-balance may cause your washer to vibrate. If the legs are not installed correctly, the vibration will occur. Make sure the washer is level, and all the four feet in contact with the floor. Three-quarter inch plywood can be inserted underneath the washer which will reduce vibration.

Dryer Repair

  1. Disassemble your dryer according to the manual because different types come up with different assembly.
  2. If your washer makes strange noises or abnormal vibration, the problem will be the failure of the drum seal. So, as soon as you face the problem, replace the seal; otherwise, it will bring about lots of problems.
  3. Thermal fuse disorder is another frequent problem that almost everybody gets through because of overloading the consistently, clogs in the lint screen. You can figure out the problem whenever you notice that your dryer is not running, or is running, but never heating up. If you diagnose the problem earlier, then you can get rid of the problem easily by cleaning the lint screen. But if the thermal fuse crushes, you have to replace it.
  4. If you see the dryer is running but never gets the clothes dry, again you have to replace the heating element.
  5. If you find your dryer shutting off halfway, there you end up with thermostat failure. After cleaning the clogs off the lint screen, try again. If it doesn’t work, thermostat replacement is required. 

To sum up, if your fixing cost exceeds the cost of buying a new washing machine or requires the three-quarter price of a new one, then you have to consider which one you are going to do – buying a new one or fixing the old one. If you are getting confused on what to buy, you can check our article on the Best Portable Washing Machine.

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