Westinghouse Comet Ceiling Fan Review

Global warming is gradually wrecking the world of overall comfort in our long tiring life where seasons are just to play the tormented songs of dismay. In this tyrannic temperature game, Westinghouse Comet Ceiling Fan has been blowing the new reason for happiness, whose tranquil zephyr soothes your skin and induces the sweats to recede from view.

This lovely 52-inch Matte Black Indoor unit, with skilled and polished design blessed with light kit and frosted glass, will shoot your interior style up to the skyline. From bedrooms to playrooms wherever you are thinking of being beset with cooling or warming deficiency, Westinghouse Comet undoubtedly be the right choice for you.

Factors to Consider When Buying Indoor Ceiling Fans

To achieve a satisfactory effect of the modern ceiling fans, you better consider some crucial factors that play a significant role to effectuate the best outcome:

  1. Room Dimension: This 52-Inch Five-Blade Ceiling Fan can prove its real heroism in the rooms up to 360 square feet (18 by 20 feet). For larger and smaller rooms than that, you may choose the alternatives, coming shortly.
  2. Ceiling Height: Make sure how much space you will get after installation. At least you must leave space around 8-9 Ft. between the floor and the fan’s blades, but never go lower than 8 feet.
  3. Combination: Outlook and taste can be exposed by the proper selection of every single part in your home interior. Wall paint, curtain color, floor, and furniture design will urge you towards the appropriate fan combination.
  4. Airflow Variation: Remember if you expect excessive airflow from a ceiling fan, then you can choose three-blade fans which are faster and noisier than 4/5-blade fans. On the other hand, for aesthetic, serene purposes, many people pick up 4-blade or 5-blade fans.

Westinghouse Comet Ceiling Fan Review

Give your interior world an exceptional flair with Westinghouse Comet Ceiling Fan. The fan provides airflow of up to 5,199 cubic feet per minute (CFM). It is rated to operate at 61 watts (without lights), which gives it an airflow efficiency rating of 85 CFM per watt.

With a matte black finish, integrated frosted glass light fixture, and reversible matte black/marble plywood blades, the unit epitomizes sleek and casual style and draws you so closer to nature circulating the ambient air like the forest air whispering around you. Endue yourself with the healing breeze of this unit after a whole wearing day.


  • Comparatively providing more airflow up to 5,199 cubic feet per minute (CFM)
  • Having a remote-control system
  • Ensuring all-year-round comfort with its reversive modes
  • Quieter than 3-blade fans
  • Eliminating cold spots and drafts during winter
  • Having frosted glass light fixture two candelabra-base 40-watt torpedo bulbs
  • Including lifetime motor warranty and a two-year warranty on all other parts.


  • Slower than 3-blade fans
  • Excluding LED Facilities
  • Consuming more wattage
  • Suitable for indoor use only

What You Get from the Westinghouse Comet

Westinghouse Comet is an outstanding suite that definitely proves to be the best companion to the bedroom, dining space, playroom, etc. Install it wherever you like but just keep it inside of the house as it is designed so. Let consider some of its exceptional features that make stand apart.

Westinghouse Lighting 7801665 Comet 52-Inch Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Frosted Glass

Strong Motor

This fan features a 153-millimeter by 15-millimeter cold-rolled steel motor with a triple capacitor with the help of which it can run nonstop at any pace. Nevertheless, you can enjoy a lifetime motor warranty.

Quieter Setup

Who likes whirring noise at comfort zone? None! Westinghouse is very cautious about it; that’s why they produce this 5-blade denoise feature to create a no-machine-running environment where you thoroughly feel the air generated by the fan at zero dB. Chilling effect everywhere; no noise to count.

Amazing Design

With a matte black finish, integrated frosted glass light fixture, and reversible matte black/marble plywood blades, the Comet epitomizes modern, cutting-edge style. To jack up the appealing beauty, this unit could act as a catalyst at the race of outshining.

Year-Round Feature

This pretty machine includes a three-speed, reversible switch that helps you stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter. In warm weather, you can run the fan counterclockwise to stay cool. In cold weather, you can run it clockwise to circulate warm air by drawing ambient cold air back to the ceiling and eliminating cold spots and drafts. Seasons are running outside leaving no sign indoors.

Incandescent Lights

Two candelabra-base 40-watt torpedo bulbs radiate through the frosted glass shade giving off a vibrant flood of light around the room.

Airflow & Energy Specification

The fan provides airflow of up to 5,199 cubic feet per minute (CFM). It is rated to operate at 61 watts (without lights), which gives it an airflow efficiency rating of 85 CFM per watt.

The Magic Box Inclusion

Comet ceiling fan, 78-inch lead wire, 4-inch length by 3/4-inch diameter down rod, and two candelabra-base 40-watt torpedo bulbs.

Westinghouse Comet Over the Years

For its easy installation feature, zero dB sound, outstanding design, and overall performance, many people love buying this unit, and buyers with a little experience can install it with little difficulties.

Our overview on the internet and verified purchasers seems rather positive, though, at the same time, few buyers brought the bulbs issue to the sight but they acknowledged that this could be their own fault as they found under-warranty parts replacement. However, almost 80% buyers recommended purchasing this unit.


When you think somewhere you are still facing challenges regarding the brand, room size, or airflow issues, some of the best alternatives we can suggest.

1. Hunter Exeter 54" LED Ceiling Fan (3 Blades)

Numerous ceiling fan modes are available in the market with a thrifty look and feel, whereas Hunter Exeter 54" LED Ceiling Fan comes with simple, yet modern complementary features.

If you are struggling to find a ceiling fan that includes all the benefits of remote control, dimmable LED, reversible blades, quiet motor with a longer life span, then Hunter Exeter 54 LED Ceiling Fan can be a great choice for you. (Read More)

2. Hunter Kaplan LED 64” Ceiling Fan (6 Blades)

Hunter Kaplan LED 64" Ceiling Fan features a Noble Bronze finish with a cased white glass having a modern look whose impressive complexion will surely urge you to think about it once again.

The large and strong motor and the 64 in. blade span produce a large amount of airflow which is sure to keep you cool in the summer and circulate the warm heat down in the winter. The fan uses 2 LED bulbs for energy-efficient lighting and similarly, through the white case, these bulbs shine the beam of soft luster. (Read More)

Throughout the demonstration of the Westinghouse Comet Fan Reviews, we tried to introduce some of the best features to you so that you can easily figure out your problems and solve them accordingly with this model. For the betterment and hassle-free cooling configuration, you may install this pretty unit.

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