What Happens if You Put “Dry Clean Only” Clothes in the Washing Machine?

Like a usual way, you have come back home and put off your wonderful suit or woolen sweater, just throw it into the washing machine to give it an awesome wash and a fast dry. You take a rest and get to the washing machine.

After the cleaning operation, when your suit came out of the washing machine, what you have seen was wanting to be a part of slip-eye. But no, man! That is true; it is your suit even though you can’t believe your eyes because of the suit’s awkward texture.

Maybe you didn’t notice the inner tag of this wonderful suit where you can notice an inscription ‘Dry Clean Only’, or maybe you were heedless of the advice. As a consequence, the suit has become misshapen, faded, distorted, washed-out, and what’s not!?

In a simple word, you cannot just wash your suits, woolen clothes, or any other delicate fabrics that are under wash sensitivity in the same manner as you wash other clothes in the washer.

First, search for the best washing formula from the “attached label” and follow the advice. The more they forbid you strictly to do something, the more they are intensifying the risk factor that is going to occur certainly if you never follow their instruction.

But the “Dry Clean Only” formula costs us a lot that we sometimes cannot afford. That’s why we have to find an alternative way of knocking off the snake without breaking the stick.

Let’s focus our attention on how to give our garments a better wash.

Hand Wash

The sensitive clothes can serve their best job when they are washed by hand when you don’t give them a dry-clean-only therapy. But like as usual laundry doing, you can never do certain things with them. Follow the steps below:

  1. Pour normal water out in a clean basin, sink, or tub.
  2. Fill it with necessary detergent.
  3. Agitate the mixture until it gets interfused completely.
  4. Dip your clothing into the water in the inside-out position.
  5. Leave it for around 10-30 minutes depending on the use.
  6. After that, rinse it with cold/ normal water.
  7. Then set it between your hands.
  8. Press the cloth gently between your hands.
  9. If you feel any soap, run the water until the soap gets off.
  10. Never ring or scrub the clothing. Press gently. 
  11. Then, put it on a towel and roll it with the towel that will help soak the water up.
  12. Use a clothing rack and dry the cloth off and let it evaporate in an airy place—never in the sun.
  13. Use a garment steamer instead of iron to remove wrinkles.

Washer Wash

If you still want to employ your washing machine to do the “Dry Clean Only” clothes, there is a way. Follow the steps below:

  1. Turn your clothes inside out and fold each separately and properly.
  2. Roll each from bottom to top.
  3. Must use a mesh washing bag for each garment.
  4. Insert each clothing into its own separate mesh washing bag.
  5. Then roll the mesh bag itself tightly.
  6. Add an appropriate amount of cleaning agent to your washer depending on the garments being washed.
  7. Avoid the hotter cycle. 
  8. Set the softest cycle.
  9. After the washing is finished, take the garments out of the washer.
  10. For drying purposes, follow the same method as we mentioned in the previous handwashing segment.
  11. Never use the dryer.

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